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Yummi Takes Social Gaming to the Street

By Sebastian Sujka

Yummi Apps, a social and mobile game developer from Central and Eastern Europe, has announced its plans to launch Wizardia – a social game to connect both social gaming and mobile gaming technologies to create a unique real time/real life gaming experience.“With social gaming growing at unprecedented rates, the multi-player game will introduce a technology that will radically change the social gaming experience,” says Tomas Kacevicius, founder of Yummi Apps. “Our unique GPS integration system will let social gamers take their online experience outside. This means that players will literally be able to play each other on the streets of their city to gain extra benefits and real life prizes”.

Wizardia combines two dynamic gaming genres, city-building and real time turn based combat, and a third ingredient: mobile technology. Players will be able to play online through our Facebook application and through Smartphone Android and iOS application.The main platform for Wizardia will be Facebook, while the mobile version will allow players to gain additional credits and access exclusive features. Players will be able to track and compete with each other in real time and in the real world, build castles and discover treasures in their own country, town or street.

“Yummi Apps” is a social and mobile game developer company based in Lithuania. Founded in 2008, it is part of, the only Facebook Prefered Developer in the region. During its first three years, “Yummi Apps” has  worked for such global brands as “L’Oreal”, “Maybelline”, “Garnier”, “McDonald’s”, “Nokia”, “Sony Ericsson”, “Nescafe”, “Opel” and “BMW”. The company plans to launch Wizardia this autumn.

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