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Wooga Pulls Back All Games from Google +

By Sebastian Sujka

Not even a year after launching games on Google+ social game developer Wooga will pull the games back from the platform. Monster World is already offline, whereas Bubble Island and Diamond Dash will be removed July 1st. Wooga did not want to comment the drawback from the Google platform.

Germany’s most successful social gaming company launched on Google+ with three games  in August 2011 ”as a valuable launch partner of Google’s step to provide a full social experience for Google+ users”.

It seems that just Wooga’s games were not enough to provide a social gaming experience on Google+. Wooga is not the one to blame as the same games perform very well on Facebook.
Little surprisingly, the reason for the failure is the lack of users on Google+.

Social games, naturally, are not designed to be played alone. Few or no friends on Google+ result in a bad gaming experience as major gaming features are useless. Google tried to solve the problem by offering the option to play with anonymous players but playing with strangers is by far not the same as playing with people you know. One reason Diamond Dash is successful is because users can compare themselves with their friends in weekly tournaments. Comparing oneself with strangers or with nobody at all is more than pointless.

Additionally, the games were launched on Google+ after being already published on Facebook. As there is no possibility of connecting one’s game between Facebook and Google Plus, there is no reason to start a second separate Monster World farming game.

It is not the first time Wooga pulls back games from a platform. In February 2011 Wooga pulled back all games from their office neighbor StudiVZ, the dying German Facebook clone. At the time Wooga stated that they needed to focus their resources on one platform only. Half a year later they were one of Google+’ first launch partners.

According to Wooga six developers were allocated to the Google+ platform. It seems that it is, again, time to focus on one platform only.

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  1. Ben

    Wooga’s games are not fun anyway

  2. never thought that happen so fast. Ok, google+ isnt yet a real competitor to facebook, but removing all games?! Is this the beginning of the end of google+ gaming?

    Greetz Jonas

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