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WildTangent Collaborates with Levi’s for Mall World

By Gary Merrett

WildTangent has announced its partnership with the Levi’s by bringing the Levi’s Curve ID product to a Mall World on Facebook. Through WildTangent’s collaboration with the Levi’s it brings its proprietary ad platform BrandBoost to Mall World. “Shoppers” can earn coveted in-game items by engaging in a Levi’s virtual fit. Players can also earn a pair of virtual Levi’s Curve ID jeans by exploring a new, virtual Levi’s retail store within the social game. More than six million women and girls play Mall World each month on Facebook. In the game, enterprising types can run their own fashion boutique while fashion-forward trendsetters can shop to their heart’s content.

In Mall World, WildTangent brings to life Levi’s Curve ID custom fit system that is based on shape and not size by leveraging game developer 50cubes ability to integrate the brand’s “Digital Fitting Room” into the game. WildTangent’s BrandBoost platform enables brands to sponsor access to additional playing time or virtual goods that players would otherwise have to pay for. The platform also makes possible the dynamic delivery of branded virtual goods into social games on Facebook. BrandBoost supports third-party ad serving and reporting as well as creative formats ranging from long-form video to social engagement activities.

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