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Who is Who in Europe: Mandala Games

By Huel Fuchsberger

Mandala Games is a French developer  located in Natntes. Their currently biggets game on Facebook is the slot machine game  La Riviera with 330,000.  Here are more information about the company:

  • Name: Mandala Games
  • Founded: Nantes (France)
  • Founded by: Nadya Jahan
  • Founded in: August 2010
  • Funding: No
  • Acquisitions: No
  • Number of employees: 6
  • Number of Games published: 2
  • List of Games published:
    La Riviera

    La Riviera Minigame on Facebook

  • Describe what you do in a sentence:
    Social Casino Games on Facebook and mobile
  • Games published on: Facebook and iOS
  • Working with publisher: Yes

    La Riviera on Facebook

  • Acting as a Publisher: No
  • Publishing games in with languages: English, French
  • Game genre/s: Social Casino Games
  • User demographics (gender) : Mostly Female
  • User demographics: location : Mainly in the US
  • Best-selling virtual item (also indicate price and game):
    Extra Bonus Power-up – $4.90 (La Riviera)
  • Most expensive virtual item (also indicate price and game):
    1.2M Coins Pack – $200 (La Riviera)
  • What do you see as currently most exciting trend in the industry:
    Social Gaming & Gambling Convergence

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