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Who is Who in Europe: Kobojo

By Sebastian Sujka

European developers are gaining momentum on Facebook and other platforms. In this series we aim to highlight the most important social gaming companies from Europe.
First in line to answer our questions is Kobojo from France.

  • Name: Kobojo
  • What they do: Kobojo is the number one publisher in France of social games on Facebook and one of the European leaders.
  • Location: Founded in Paris, France, where the headquarters are. Two local offices: Madrid, Spain (September 2011) and Berlin, Germany (November 2011).
  • Founded by: Four EPITA Alumnis: Franck Tetzlaff, CEO, Vincent Vergonjeanne, VP Product & Strategy, Philippe Desgranges, Product RD Manager and Sébastien Monteil, Chief Technology Officer.
  • Founded in: 2008
  • Funding: €5,3 million, investors: ID Invest and Endeavour Vision
  • Number of employees: 70
  • Games published on: Facebook, Windows and Windows Phone 7, iPhone
  • Game genre(s): Casual games, city builders
  • Games: PyramidVille (170,000 DAU, 740,000 MAU on Facebook), Atlantis Fantasy (70,000 DAU, 210,000 MAU on Facebook), Goobox (180,000 DAU, 860,000 MAU on Facebook), Goobox Windows, Goobox iPhone
  • Working with publisher(s): OUAT Entertainment, Bulkypix and Peakgames
  • Languages: French, English, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese
  • User demographics: 53% women; more than half of the gamers play in French, Spanish comes next before Italian, English and German
  • Best-selling virtual items (all from PyramidVille):
    · Vine (decoration)
    · Cleopatra’s Garden: new, for advanced players – it generates materials such as wood or papyrus
    · Water Canals: new – before, players used troughs to make navigable canals
    · Campfire with potful – there is also a campfire alone, but players prefer the better version of it including the potful
    · HouseVilla: deluxe small palace, advanced house
  • Most expensive virtual item: Cleopatra’s Oriental Palace: 100 Gemmes, between 200 and 100 Facebook Credits (between €16 and €8)
  • What do you see as currently most exciting trend in the industry?
    We see several trends on the market: skill gaming/casino games are entering the market, the multiplayers mode is on the way, too.
    But for us, the MOST exciting is multiplatforms: PyramidVille, our #1 hit on Facebook, is going to be launched on iOS (iPhone and iPad) under the name of PyramidVille Adventure at the end of January. Mobile platforms allow us to provide with more game experience, that undoubtedly will be enhanced and give more satisfaction to out gamers.

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