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Who is Who in Europe: Just a Game

By Regina Leuwer

Developer Name: Just a Game

Describe what you do in a sentence: Publisher of interactive multiplayer games for browser and mobile devices.

Where founded, where are the offices: Founded in Düsseldorf, offices in Berlin.

Founded by: Bob Mobile AG

Founded in: 2010

Just a Game's Operation Gamma 41

Funding: n/a

Acquisitions: n/a

Number of employees: 38

Games published: WAR2 GloryOperation Gamma 41Ski Jump 12

Published on: Browser, Android, iOS

Publisher for: Wistone, ZQ, VG

Publishing games in which languages: German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Greek, Polish

Game genre(s): Browser based strategy games, sport games

User demographics: About 70% male, 30% female

Best-selling virtual item: The Porter, a helper that speeds up the construction time of buildings.

Most expensive virtual item: That would be the Special commission, which allows you to recruit the unique WWII heroes.

What you see as currently most exciting trend in the industry:
Free2Play. The impact of advertising revenues. Cross-platform. To see social game elements being transferred to Free2Play browser based games.

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