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Vostu’s Golmania Launches on Google+

By Gary Merrett

Vostu announced today that GolMania, its real-time football (soccer) game is now available on Google+. GolMania, Vostu’s first casual game, previously launched at the end of September on Orkut and Facebook.

So far, over 35 million matches have been played and over 75 million goals have been scored – 36 million in Brazil and 39 million in other countries across the world. Every single day, over 35,000 matches are played just between players in Argentina and players in Brazil. GolMania is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese with more languages to come.

In GolMania, players face off in real-time footballs matches powered by Vostu’s multi-player engine. The game takes the player on a tour of the world’s most renowned stadiums, each of which unlocks new environments, game play and football tricks. GolMania now also features real-life famous soccer clubs.

Boca Juniors and River Plate Buenos Aires, the two most famous clubs in Argentina, will have their own stadiums in the game and players can play their teams versus each other. It features fast, arcade-style and action-packed soccer, aimed at both men and women and football beginners and experts. So far, when the legendary match-up occurs between players from Brazil and players from Italy, Brazil wins 56% of the time, Vostu shared with us.

Miguel Marino, Chief Creative Officer from Vostu said: “Vostu has enjoyed a longstanding relationship with Google and we are excited to bring our social games to the emerging Google+ platform.”

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