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Vostu Brings Real Time Multi Player Football Game to Orkut and Facebook

By Sebastian Sujka

Vostu unveiled the first of its new games for this fall – GolMania, a real time multi-player soccer game on Orkut and Facebook. In GolMania, players face off in real-time soccer matches powered by Vostu’s multi-player engine. The game takes the player on a tour of the world’s most famous stadiums, each of which unlocks new environments, game play and soccer tricks. It features fast, arcade-style and action-packed football, aimed at both men and women and football beginners and experts. GolMania launches today on Orkut and Facebook in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Like Vostu’s other games, GolMania features opportunities for brands. Pepsi will be a launch sponsor of the Portuguese version. Some of Vostu’s games have brand integration including one of Brazil’s most popular soft drinks, Guarana.

Players of Vostu’s city-building simulation Megacity currently have to cooperate to rescue Ivete Sangalo, Brazil’s biggest pop superstar, from having been kidnapped by an over-eager fan. Like all of Vostu’s games, GolMania uses the company’s distinctive Vostu Game Network technology, which allows players to play Vostu games across several social networks – for example, users play directly inside of Facebook with their Windows Messenger friends and can send gifts and cooperate on their games across the boundaries of the social networks. Vostu recently acquired MP Game Studio, the game developer behind over 25 games for media and entertainment companies. GolMania is the first Vostu game that the MP team worked on and combines their experience with casual games with Vostu’s experience with social games.

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