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TeePee Games Partners with Hitpoint

By Gary Merrett

TeePee Games, the rapidly growing games discovery platform for social, smartphone and online flash games, confirmed it has partnered with game developer HitPoint Inc. The collaboration will see HitPoint Inc.’s popular Facebook games Gun Bros, Build-A-Lot-Metropolis and Organized Crime be made available on the TeePee Games discovery portal. HitPoint Inc. is a developer of PC/Mac, mobile, social and online Flash games. In its four years of operation the company has produced more than 30 titles, working closely with various ad agencies, game publishers and independent producers to develop games for a range of well known brands. Gun Bros is a fast paced top down action shooter.  Taking control of the brothers Percy and Francis Gun from the Freakishly Rugged Advanced Genetics Galactic Enforcement Division (F.R.A.G.G.E.D), players must blast their way through each level to protect the cosmos from the Tyrannical Oppressors of Life (T.O.O.L).

Build-A-Lot-Metropolis is the latest addition to the highly addictive strategy based ‘Build-A-Lot’ game franchise.  The city building simulation game will see players work their way up the real estate ladder as they build a house, community  and profit in order to ‘build-a-lot’ and achieve the ultimate goal of creating a Metropolis. Organized Crime is a multiplayer text role-playing game in which the aim is to become the most powerful crime boss in New York.  Players will need to work their way up the ladder – earn money, power and respect by completing risky jobs and getting involved in dangerous fights.

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