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Xyologic Releases Android Mobile App Search Engine

By Sebastian Sujka

Xyologic, a Berlin based online service for discovering mobile apps, today announced the Closed Beta release of its new Android search engine. The service harnesses new and powerful technologies that offer users a new type of mobile app exploration experience. Xyologic is also announcing having secured an undisclosed investment round from prominent venture capitalists and an angel investor, backing Xyologic’s vision for mobile app search.

For the past year and a half, Xyologic has gathered information on how users search for apps, including the queries they type and their search behavior. From their findings, Xyologic has built a powerful search engine for mobile apps which understands vaguely expressed user queries.

“We don’t claim to ‘solve’ any of the big issues of our industry. But we believe we have some new,  better answers. We are releasing our service in Closed Beta to show some of the work we have done so far, get feedback and continue our work,” said Xyologic cofounder Zoe Adamovicz.

Matthaus Krzykowski, Xyologic cofounder, said, “Mainstream smartphone users understand that apps let them do great things on their phones and tablets, however most don’t know what their options are. Less than 5% of mobile app searches include searches for app brands like Zynga or Angry Birds. Over 80% of all users put app and game genres like ‘puzzle games’ or ‘music’ into the search box. They are curious, obviously, and this is how they express their curiosity.”

Alongside their launch, Xyologic is also announcing an undisclosed investment round from Rick Thompson’s Signia Venture Partners, Klaas Kersting and Eric Wahlforss. “Mobile gaming is spearheading the mobile app revolution and hence we are particularly proud that gaming legends such as Rick and Klaas are sharing our vision,” said co-founder Zoe Adamovicz.

Xyologic intends to use the funding to increase the speed of its new app search rollout for other mobile platforms including iOS, and to continue technological leadership in the apps search engine field.


Guest Post: Important Mobile Trends From Statistics Published By App Search Firm Xyologic

By Sebastian Sujka

App search company Xyologic recently published 220 app download reports, including statistics regarding the number of downloads per platform/country, growth rates, country rankings, number of paid vs. free apps published and app revenue. There’s certainly a lot of information to digest. Luckily, we’re one of their insight partners so we have the inside scoop and can break it all down. Here are four key findings from the report (below the graphic):

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The Cross-Platform Conundrum

Although many big iOS publishers have already ported their apps to Android, it’s very interesting to see that there is almost no publisher in the space that has achieved a substantial number of app installs on both major smartphone platforms.

Wallets On Android Remain Closed

Publishers like Gameloft are very successful in selling premium titles all over the world on iOS, and the possibility to unlock additional features in paid apps is becoming more common, a prime example being popular action-RPG Infinity Blade. However, users on Android have a tendency not to pay for any content at all. Additionally, they do not tend to download paid apps in general (less than 1% of all downloads compared to 23% on iOS).

International Publishers Go Freemium – Locals Prefer Paid

Mostly, publishers of freemium apps are utilizing the opportunity to distribute their apps all over the world while specialized local publishers/developers are sticking to paid apps with additional free ‘lite’ releases.

Europe And USA Are Almost Equal

The sizes of the app economies of the most important European markets (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands, among others) are similar to that of the US— 702 million US downloads compared to 668 million downloads in Europe during the month of August 2011.

About the authors: Johannes Heinze and Projjol Banerjea are Director of Mobile and Director of Marketing at SponsorPay, a leading international platform for mobile application monetization, distribution and engagement.