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Who Would Play a Gym Simulation? Half a Million Users on Tuenti

By Sebastian Sujka

Cultural differences certainly affect the popularity of games genres across countries and their social networks. Fishing games in Russia, as pointed out by Alexey Kostarev, or resource management and strategy games in Germany are common examples.  We discovered a less known trend in Spain, where gym simulations are soaring on the country’s local social network Tuenti.

Fitness trend in Spain

Fitness City - click to enlarge

“Sports City” was a popular title on Tuenti that was in the top charts for quite some time and about a month ago “Fitness City” entered the stage. In a rather short period of time Fitness City become the most popular game on Tuenti. Today, Fitness City counts almost half a million monthly players. As a comparison: star titles like Backyard Monsters or Millionaire City each count just about half of Fitness City’s user base. What does not sound like much at first is the Tuenti’s by far most popular game today. We will not speculate why the Spanish love to spend time in front of a virtual gym, but it is certainly worth having a closer look at Fitness City.

Build your own gym

The game loop works like this: The gym equipment (treadmills, exercise bikes, etc) serve as equivalent to “farms”, where the user can earn cash to build other gym, swim or wellness equipment (massage chairs, hairdressing saloons, etc). With the wellness equipment the user can earn prestige points, the other currency in the game. The prestige points are needed to start marketing campaigns to attract new gym members which are in turn needed to exercise the gym equipment in order to earn more cash.

Well known and well done mechanics

Fitness City - click to enlarge

Other than that we see the classic features of visiting neighbors to earn “karma” and an energy bar refilling an energy unit every five minutes. Also, different characters are introduced with missions to encourage the user to expand the variety of possible activities at the gym.

Some nice features include different advertising campaigns to win new customers like mailing or email advertising or chatting up people in front of the gym to convince them to join.

From ringtones to social games

The game was developed by Pyro Studios and belongs to iZ, who are part of ZED Games. ZED is a company traditionally involved in mobile content subscription. The company now also publishes games across social networks and is working on their own open web game portal.


AppStats Tuenti: Newcomer Green Farm Climbs Up Rapidly

By Sebastian Sujka

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon Texas a lo GrandeMetrogames849.976+3.69%
2.icon FishdomPlayrix753.350-2.42%
3.icon TownerMetrogames717.617-10.10%
4.icon PooltasticMetrogames520.620-5.19%
5. Green FarmGameloft417.434+108.24%

See the full Tuenti AppStats here


AppStats Tuenti: Gameloft Enters With Green Farm

By Kris Öst

The Tuenti network is really up and down at the moment. Games are switching places, entering and disappearing from the list almost weekly it seems. This time “Texas a lo Grande” takes over the lead thanks to a 10.59% gain. “Towner” is dropping like a stone, losing 9.37% and is therefore on 2nd place. We have a new entry from Gameloft and their title “Green Farm” on 10th place. The list presented this week consists mainly of negative numbers, with “Waka Waka” as our biggest loser with a 28.68% decrease. “Slide” is also falling hard with an 11.33% decrease and “Antivirus” is doing worse with an 11.53% loss this week.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon Texas a lo GrandeMetrogames819.704+10.59%
2.icon TownerMetrogames798.260-9.37%
3.icon FishdomPlayrix772.021-0.87%
4.icon PooltasticMetrogames549.096-5.96%
5.icon Frog StreetMetrogames345.954-7.09%
6.icon CatapultMetrogames285.750+1.68%
7.icon My RainforestMetrogames246.612-1.47%
8.icon Fishing WarsMetrogames206.005-10.31%
9. AquaballMetrogames204.132-7.58%
10. Green FarmGameloft200.454new
11.icon Magic SpidersMetrogames161.926-8.93%
12.icon BiotronicMetrogames155.399-8.05%
13.icon Gold SweeperMetrogames146.437-9.01%
14.icon Chess KnightMetrogames135.037-8.56%
15.icon Jai LaiMetrogames117.249-9.64%
16.icon Waka WakaMetrogames107.390-28.68%
17.icon Pro BoxingMetrogames90.550-10.29%
18.icon SlideMetrogames84.502-11.33%
19.icon Crazy BottlingMetrogames80.165-10.41%
20.icon AntivirusMetrogames78.636-11.53%

AppStats Tuenti: Negative Trend And Waka Waka Falling Hard

By Kris Öst

The games section on the Tuenti network is continuing down a very negative path, at least based on the numbers presented in this week’s AppStats. There are only two titles present on the list actually increasing their fan-base. “Texas a lo Grande” with 7.81% and “Catapult” is increasing user-levels with 5.15%. The rest of the titles present are losing, and some quite big like “Waka Waka”, the title is backing with incredible 154.39%. “My Rainforest” isn’t doing good either with a 13.75% loss and “Antivirus”, currently located at the bottom of the list is dropping 11.71%.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon TownerMetrogames873.033-9.80%
2.icon FishdomPlayrix778.732-3.30%
3.icon Texas a lo GrandeMetrogames741.180+7.81%
4.icon PooltasticMetrogames581.827-4.38%
5.icon Frog StreetMetrogames370.497-4.80%
6.icon CatapultMetrogames281.029+5.15%
7.icon My RainforestMetrogames250.225-13.75%
8.icon Fishing WarsMetrogames227.249-8.51%
9. AquaballMetrogames219.612-6.24%
10. Magic SpidersMetrogames176.387-8.90%
11.icon BiotronicMetrogames167.909-6.36%
12.icon Gold SweeperMetrogames159.638-8.04%
13.icon Chess KnightMetrogames146.595-5.44%
14.icon Waka WakaMetrogames138.188-154.39%
15.icon Jai LaiMetrogames128.547-8.03%
16.icon Pro BoxingMetrogames99.871-10.52%
17.icon SlideMetrogames94.075-9.57%
18.icon Crazy BottlingMetrogames88.514-9.07%
19.icon AntivirusMetrogames87.705-11.71%
20.icon Pirates & CannonsMetrogames81.312-8.10%

AppStats Tuenti: Decrease In Almost Every Game Present

By Kris Öst

Almost every title is losing ground this week, and even the popular “Fishdom” decreases its fan-base by a whopping 6.46%. This is however nothing compared to “My Rainforest”, the game losing incredible 14.75% this week alone. “Towner”, keeping the lead isn’t doing great either with a 7.23% loss. There are however some green spots on the list. “Catapult” is one title doing good, adding 7.68% new players and “Waka Waka” is also climbing upwards with a 0.58% increase.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon TownerMetrogames958.564-7.23%
2.icon FishdomPlayrix804.411-6.46%
3.icon Texas a lo GrandeMetrogames687.511-0.78%
4.icon PooltasticMetrogames607.312-1.22%
5.icon Frog StreetMetrogames388.284-1.90%
6.icon Waka WakaMetrogames351.539+0.58%
7.icon My RainforestMetrogames284.641-14.75%
8.icon CatapultMetrogames267.263+7.68%
9. Fishing WarsMetrogames246.583-3.07%
10. AquaballMetrogames233.322-2.42%
11.icon Magic SpidersMetrogames192,087-2.00%
12.icon BiotronicMetrogames178.580-1.83%
13.icon Gold SweeperMetrogames172.477-2.71%
14.icon Chess KnightMetrogames154.564-1.73%
15.icon Jai LaiMetrogames138.873-1.87%
16.icon Pro BoxingMetrogames110.374-1.98%
17.icon SlideMetrogames103.077-3.06%
18.icon AntivirusMetrogames97.972-0.60%
19.icon Crazy BottlingMetrogames96.542-3.08%
20.icon Pirates & CannonsMetrogames87.899-3.48%

AppStats Tuenti: Waka Waka Soars Upwards

By Thorsten Bleich

There are a lot of ups and downs, but most games receive a green light on the Tuenti network at the moment. The game gaining most is “Waka Waka” with a huge increase of 88.21%. “Towner” is losing big and decreases installs with 26.86%, giving “Fishdom” a chance to catch up. “My Rainforest” isn’t doing great and is losing 43.33% this week. “Antivirus” currently on place 19 is doing really well this week, increasing its fan-base with 25.56%.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon TownerMetrogames1.027.897-26.86%
2.icon FishdomPlayrix856.385+1.43%
3.icon Texas a lo GrandeMetrogames692.904+1.90%
4.icon PooltasticMetrogames614.724+12.79%
5.icon Frog StreetMetrogames395.649+16.22%
6.icon Waka WakaMetrogames349.503+88.21%
7.icon My RainforestMetrogames326.628-43.33%
8.icon Fishing WarsMetrogames254.157+17.57%
9. CatapultMetrogames248.204+14.87%
10. AquaballMetrogames238.976+11.75%
11.icon Magic SpidersMetrogames195.925+16.11%
12.icon BiotronicMetrogames181.841+14.98%
13.icon Gold SweeperMetrogames177.154+15.65%
14.icon Chess KnightMetrogames157.233+12.43%
15.icon Jai LaiMetrogames141.463-1.94%
16.icon Pro BoxingMetrogames112.557+16.16%
17.icon SlideMetrogames106.228+12.14%
18.icon Crazy BottlingMetrogames99.511+11.27%
19.icon AntivirusMetrogames98.557+25.56%
20.icon Pirates & CannonsMetrogames90.960+14.07%

AppStats Tuenti: Fishdom Continues To Gain Users

By Kris Öst

“Fishdom” continues to do well this week on Tuenti. The title gains 15.18%, making it this week’s winner and it now has over 800.000 installs. “Towner” is still in the lead but keeps losing users and is decreasing by 7.98%. Biggest loser is “My Rainforest” with a 16.23% drop in installs and “Jai Lai” isn’t doing great either with a 14.30% decrease. Meanwhile “Waka Waka” is back after a few weeks absence holding tight to spot number 10.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon TownerMetrogames1.304.022-7.98%
2.icon FishdomPlayrix844.283+15.18%
3.icon Texas a lo GrandeMetrogames679.955-1.79%
4.icon PooltasticMetrogames545.024+0.54%
5.icon My RainforestMetrogames468.170-16.23%
6.icon Frog StreetMetrogames340.421+0.26%
7.icon Fishing WarsMetrogames216.178+2.15%
8.icon CatapultMetrogames216.076+0.33%
9. AquaballMetrogames213.840-0.68%
10. Waka WakaMetrogames185.698new
11.icon Magic SpidersMetrogames168.735+0.44%
12.icon BiotronicMetrogames158.149-0.67%
13.icon Gold SweeperMetrogames153.185-0.03%
14.icon Jai LaiMetrogames144.209-14.30%
15.icon Chess KnightMetrogames139.849-0.84%
16.icon Pro BoxingMetrogames96.896-3.92%
17.icon SlideMetrogames94.731-2.78%
18.icon Crazy BottlingMetrogames89.429-4.58%
19.icon Pirates & CannonsMetrogames79.742-2.46%
20.icon AntivirusMetrogames78.497-2.05%

AppStats Tuenti: Fishdom Soars To The Surface

By Gary Merrett

There are more games losing than gaining this week on the Tuenti network, making the negative trend even more pronounced that last time we studied the game statistics. “Towner” is still ahead but losing 12.45% of its users and “My Rainforest” drops 34.97%, giving it the biggest loser status. “Fishdom” from Playrix is one of the few titles doing very well. The game has gained extraordinarily since last week, soaring upwards with 100.78%,  gaining popularity and aiming for the absolute top. This is remarking, as Fishdom is the only game on Tuenti not developed by Metrogames.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon TownerMetrogames1.408.026-12.45%
2.icon FishdomPlayrix732.981+100.78%
3.icon Texas a lo GrandeMetrogames692.105-3.24%
4.icon My RainforestMetrogames544.131-34.97%
5.icon PooltasticMetrogames542.097+1.96%
6.icon Frog StreetMetrogames339.540+1.71%
7.icon CatapultMetrogames215.356+0.23%
8.icon AquaballMetrogames215.294-0.84%
9. Fishing WarsMetrogames211.621+2.41%
10. Magic SpidersMetrogames167.991+1.13%
11.icon Jai LaiMetrogames164.831-17.24%
12.icon BiotronicMetrogames159.202-1.46%
13.icon Gold SweeperMetrogames153.237+1.89%
14.icon Chess KnightMetrogames141.025+0.44%
15.icon Pro BoxingMetrogames100.695-12.85%
16.icon SlideMetrogames97.369-8.89%
17.icon Crazy BottlingMetrogames93.523-10.93%
18.icon Pirates & CannonsMetrogames81.703-10.71%
19.icon Archer PigletsMetrogames80.416-13.99%
20.icon AntivirusMetrogames80.107-11.07%

AppStats Tuenti: Playrix Enters With Fishdom

By Gary Merrett

A negative trend is spreading across the Tuenti list like wildfire this week. Practically every game on the network is displaying negative figures; the biggest drop of which can be seen in “My Rainforest”, losing 28.54% of its fan base. “Jai Lai” is not doing great either with a 12.87% loss. The only positive thing seems to be the new title “Fishdom” by Playrix entering this week. This means that we for the first time have a game on Tuenti that is not developed by MetroGames, which could prove interesting in the future.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon TownerMetrogames1.583.326-1.96%
2.icon My RainforestMetrogames734.417-28.54%
3.icon Texas a lo GrandeMetrogames714.539-4.74%
4.icon PooltasticMetrogames531.686-1.05%
5.icon FishdomPlayrix365.065new
6.icon Frog StreetMetrogames333.836-0.82%
7.icon AquaballMetrogames217.101-1.92%
8.icon CatapultMetrogames214.867-1.28%
9. Fishing WarsMetrogames206.645-3.90%
10. Jai LaiMetrogames193.254-12.87%
11.icon Magic SpidersMetrogames166.112-1.61%
12.icon BiotronicMetrogames161.531-2.16%
13.icon Gold SweeperMetrogames150.397-1.19%
14.icon Chess KnightMetrogames140.412-0.11%
15.icon Pro BoxingMetrogames113.631-7.54%
16.icon SlideMetrogames106.027-5.41%
17.icon Crazy BottlingMetrogames103.746-6.09%
18.icon Archer PigletsMetrogames91.668-8.37%
19.icon Pirates & CannonsMetrogames90.450-6.57%
20.icon AntivirusMetrogames88.977-5.89%

AppStats Tuenti: Two Camps With Winners And Losers

By Sebastian Sujka

The games section on Tuenti is divided into two camps at the moment; one of those camps is abandoned by the gamers losing users fast, while the other one keeps growing stronger. “My Rainforest” is part of the losing team this week and drops 35.22%. “Towner” is still in the lead but also loses users and so does “Texas lo Grande”. Biggest gainers are Waka Waka” with a 7.03% increase and “Crazy Bottling” with 6.98%.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon TownerMetrogames1.614.424-3.93%
2.icon My RainforestMetrogames944.016-32.22%
3.icon Texas a lo GrandeMetrogames748.408-7.89%
4.icon PooltasticMetrogames537.293-1.37%
5.icon Frog StreetMetrogames336.583+1.38%
6.icon Aqua BallMetrogames221.276+1.23%
7.icon Jai LaiMetrogames218.122-5.10%
8.icon CatapultMetrogames217.627+1.49%
9. Fishing WarsMetrogames214.710-5.10%
10. Magic SpidersMetrogames168.793-1.16%
11.icon BiotronicMetrogames165.025+1.33%
12.icon Gold SweeperMetrogames152.193+0.35%
13.icon Chess KnightMetrogames140.561+4.20%
14.icon Pro BoxingMetrogames122.199+5.62%
15.icon SlideMetrogames111.761+6.86%
16.icon Crazy BottlingMetrogames110.064+6.98%
17.icon Archer PigletsMetrogames99.342+0.81%
18.icon Pirates & CannonsMetrogames96.391+2.39%
19.icon AntivirusMetrogames94.216+5.48%
20.icon Waka WakaMetrogames90.572+7.03%