The Latest News on the Social Games Market in Europe and Emerging Markets


Actiplay acquires Telaxo

By Huel Fuchsberger

Last week the Actiplay  which is part of the french Concours Mania Group acquired Telaxo, France’s n° 1 publisher and one of the world’s Top 10 game publishers on Facebook in terms of audience.  The acquisition of Telaxo is a decisive step in the group’s development. Gaming on Facebook has become a must and generates big audiences: with this takeover Actiplay has rolls out its gaming campaigns across all media.

Telaxo is based in Orléans and  is a publisher specialized in casual gaming. With this acquisition  Actiplay improves their capabilities in the production and adaptation of games in the Facebook environment. With an offering of almost 130 games published on social media, Telaxo has a total audience of nearly 17 million active users per month.

Actiplay is based in Bordeaux and provides support to its clients in the marketing of online gaming campaigns and publishes its own gaming websites for the public.


Who is Who in Europe: Telaxo France’s #1(In user base)

By Huel Fuchsberger

Telaxo is the #1 developer in France. With only 10 employees Mathieu Collas (CEO) manages to reaches over 18 Mio user (MAU). With a broad range of smaller titles they manage to appeal to a big audience spread all over the world and this mostly unnoticed.  Google only finds 16,000 results for “telaxo”. In comparison, Playdom which has the same amount of Facebook users gets 1,600,00. Even companies with far less user as Playtika manage to generate more results. Here are some details on Telaxo:

  • Name: Telaxo

    Wild Wild Taxi 1,000,000 MAU

  • Location: Telaxo was Founded in Paris and moved to Orleans.
  • Founded by: Mathieu Collas
  • Founded in: January 2004 and began
    to work on Facebook in March 2010.
  • Funding : No
  • Acquisitions : No
  • Number of employees: 10 and growing
  • Number of Games published: About 150

    Bouncing Balls 870,000 MAU

  • Top Games by MAU:
    Pool Practice
    Wild Wild Taxi
    Bouncing Balls
    Parking Mania
    Penalty Shootout
    Tower Blocks
  • Describe what you do in a sentence:
    We create casual games for our players all over the world.
  • Games published on: Facebook
  • Working with publisher : No
  • Acting as a Publisher : No
  • Publishing games in with languages: About 25 languages
    Mainly English, French, Spanish, Italian, German
  • Game genre: Casual games
  • User demographics: Mostly female (60%). All over the world
  • What do they see as currently most exciting trend in the industry:
    “Everything is going fast, everyone has to move quickly to stay on top.” – Mathieu Collas

French Top 10 Developer Telaxo Announces its First Multiplayer Real-Time Game MiniFoot

By Regina Leuwer

Earlier this year we reported about three European ‘dark horses’ – developers with millions of users on Facebook but often overlooked. One of them is French Telaxo; a company that managed to enter the top 10 of social game developers relatively unnoticed and currently reaches over 10 million monthly active users across its more than 100 mini-games.

Having strengthened its development team, the publisher now announced the release of MiniFoot, its first multiplayer real-time title on Facebook, launched in five languages. Up to 10 players can compete simultaneously in this football (soccer) game. Telaxo relies on cross-promotion effects from its network of casual games to boost MiniFoot’s visibility. Currently in beta, the game will be officially released in March.

MiniFoot marks Telaxo emergence into the free-to-play business model with sales of virtual goods. So far, revenues were generated from advertising only. “Our goal is to improve the social experience of our games and to stimulate competition among the players. In MiniFoot, users can earn ‘Boosters’ to improve the characteristics of their player before a game, but can also purchase it to increase their chances of victory,” said Telaxo’s founder Mathieu Collas.

Established in 2004 and based in Orleans in France, Telaxo currently ranks at #7 of worldwide publishers of social games (in monthly active users). The publisher focuses on small casual games, with  Bouncing Balls (800,000 players per month), Wild Wild Taxi (600,000 players per month) and Tower Blocks (470,000 players per month) being the most successful ones.
Telaxo was able to grow in the shadow of industry giants, especially in emerging countries, due to its niche position and particular attention paid to localization in 25 languages. Its audience has been steadily growing, and its turnover has doubled in 2011, according to the company.


Europe’s Dark Horses – Three Hardly Talked About Social Game Companies with Millions of Users

By Regina Leuwer

Apart from the big and famous European social game makers, most prominently Wooga, there are also some exotic companies achieving remarkable success with applications seeing millions of users on Facebook. These are the top three ‘dark horses’ from Europe.

#1 Telaxo – 13.3 million monthly active users
Telaxo, founded in 2004 by Mathieu Collas, is the seventh largest game publisher (in monthly active users) on Facebook – even ahead of CrowdStar or Digital Chocolate. Unlike them, Telaxo, headquartered in Orleans, France, is practically unknown and hardly ever featured in the media.

Tower Blocks by Telaxo has almost 500,000 users.

One reason for this could be that Telaxo doesn’t have one huge multi million user hit. Its game suite on Facebook encompasses 139 apps, mostly very simple and easy to play casual games in English language with next to no social features except for leaderboards. The most successful of these games, such as Bouncing Balls (bubble shooting) or Tower Blocks (tower building) attract more than 500,000 monthly active users each.

#2  Mynet – 4.6 million monthly active users is Turkey’s most popular internet portal with over 39 million visitors per month but also a publisher of Facebook games. Given that there are more than 30 million Facebook users in Turkey, Facebook’s sixth biggest country, the success of Mynet’s games comes as no surprise.

Mynet's Çanak 101 Okey game - big in Turkey.

All of the Facebook apps are published in Turkish language only – and apparently Turkish Facebook users enjoy board games a lot: Mynet’s biggest hits are Çanak Okey (2.4 million monthly active users) and Mynet Çanak 101 (1.1 million monthly active users) – both based on Okey, a tile game similar to Rummikub; and Tavla (620,000 monthly active users) – a Backgammon-style game.

Mynet’s titles are frequently on the lists of fastest growing Facebook games; it doesn’t look like the developer plans to release them in English or other languages to attract users outside Turkey.

#3 Geewa – 4 million monthly active users
Geewa hails from Prague, Czech Republic, the country also responsible for the Pilsner Urquell beer, Kafka and the word ‘Robot’ amongst others -its website informs. The company was founded in 2005 by Milos Endrle and currently has 14 employees. Geewa develops multiplayer casual games published on Facebook,, and also on the largest Czech web portal

Geewa's real-time multiplayer Pool Live Tour.

Geewa’s philosophy is to build multiplayer games ‘because they’re more fun’. To prove the point, they even made a multiplayer version of Solitaire.

On Facebook, Pool Live Tour, a nicely executed pool game, is Geewas’ biggest success (4,000,000 monthly active users). Players compete against each other in real-time to make it to the leaderboards. The downside of the multiplayer approach is of course that opponents simply disconnect from a game when they’re losing.