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VZ Network’s Games & App iPhone Integration: Q&A with VZ Games Manager Sebastian Kriese

By Sebastian Sujka

Apps and Games are now available via the VZ iPhone-App. In order to provide this service VZ has added a mobile view to the OpenSocial access point. Several functions that are already offered on the website are now available via mobile. To find out more we had a quick questions and answers session with VZ Games Manager Sebastian Kriese.

SocialGamesObserver: Can you elaborate a bit on the possibilities of the VZ Mobile App?

Sebastian Kriese -VZ Networks Strategic Partnerships

Sebastian Kriese: With this launch our users have a clear advantage in that they can continue to play via mobile even when they are not at home. The users will have identical scores in web and mobile. Moreover this allows new ways of gaming such als location-based-games for example – “who is nearby and wants to play with me?”. This launch will also be beneficial for developers: Their games are now available to 1.000.000 monthly active mobile users. Last but not least, this will result in activity growth for VZnetworks.

SGO: Who were the first movers to use the platform?

Sebastian Kriese: The first movers were big game developers such as i-Jet with “City Gangs” and Plinga with “PetParty”.

SGO: Which of the three networks do you expect to perform best?

Sebastian Kriese: We expect the highest level of activity via iPhone from our meinVZ users and from schülerVZ via iPod touch.

SGO: Can the App increase the virility of games?

Sebastian Kriese: Yes, this will result in a greater reach and new mobile opportunities.

SGO: How difficult is it to translate games for the iPhone and what are the main issues that arise?

Sebastian Kriese: It is quite easy for HTML games, unfortunately the iPhone does not support Flash, therefore new views need to be developed.