The Latest News on the Social Games Market in Europe and Emerging Markets


Social Networks in Focus: VZ Networks

By Sebastian Sujka

Facebook currently represents only about a third of worldwide traffic for social networks, according to a recent white paper released by social games and apps platform Viximo and Superdata Research. The non-Facebook category of social gaming will represent the bulk of worldwide revenue generated in the social gaming market, the study states.

Further, the study found that non-Facebook platforms in Western markets will be responsible for nearly one-quarter of worldwide social gaming revenue within the next three years and that the majority of social gaming revenue is made on other platforms, beyond the borders of North America, where Facebook is the clear market leader.

These recent findings as well as strongly increasing user acquisition costs on Facebook are reason enough for us to examine international social networks that might offer opportunities to social game developers. In the first part of our weekly series we present the key facts on the German VZ Networks, which consist of StudiVZ, MeinVZ and SchülerVZ.

  • Country: Germany
  • Founded in: 2005
  • Managing Director: Stefanie Waehlert
  • Specifics: social networking
  • Employees: 300+
  • Office in: Berlin, Germany
  • Membership: Open for StudiVZ and MeinVZ.  SchuelerVZ is limited to secondary school students
  • Languages available: German / English
  • Age restrictions: SchuelerVZ is limited to secondary school students
  • Audience: 16 million registered users
  • Number games live: StudiVZ & MeinVZ:  140  / SchuelerVZ: 99
  • Own virtual currency: No
  • Top5 Games: StudiVZ & MeinVZ: Frohe Ernte, Frohe Ernte 2, Frohe Ernte 3 (all ELEX), Mein Fisch (HappsSNS/Rekoo), Dorfleben (Socialgamenet)  / SchuelerVZ: Frohe Ernte  (ELEX), Pet Party (Plinga), Icy Tower (Plinga), Mein Fisch  (HappsSNS/Rekoo) , Frohe Ernte 2 (ELEX)
  • Open/closed for developers: Open
  • Revenue share for developer: 70%
  • Payment systems: game developer must integrate payment methods
  • Additional notes: StudiVZ and MeinVZ share a user base.  StudiVZ is in German and was the first of the three networks which was originally designed for university students, MeinVZ is also available in English and has been added for non-students.  SchuelerVZ has an entirely separate user base.

AppStats SchülerVZ: Pet Party Is This Week’s Top Gainer

By Kris Öst

Top gainer this week is Plinga’s “Pet Party” with 1.12%. It is one of few games gaining installs this week. “Street Racer” is also doing well with a 0.76% increase. Our biggest loser is “Glücklich auf Sylt” from developer Elex, the title is decreasing 0.78% and is located at the bottom of the list. “Wobbix, das Quiz” isn’t doing great either with a 0.71% decrease.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon Frohe ErnteElex1.049.540-0.32%
2.icon Icy TowerPlinga500.835+0.07%
3.icon Pet PartyPlinga437.616+1.12%
4.icon Mein FischElex331.296-0.42%
5.icon Frohe Ernte 2Elex324.437-0.51%
6.icon Turtle SquadPlinga318.119-0.42%
7.icon Crazy CharlyPlinga315.127-0.46%
8.icon Goodgame FarmerGoodgame Studios290.165-0.56%
9.icon Goodgame MafiaGoodgame Studios266.484-0.27%
10.icon ModeweltPlinga263.583+0.39%
11.icon AutochallengeElex251.290+0.20%
12.icon TraumstadtElex236.791-0.61%
13.icon Frohe Ernte 3Elex226.507-0.22%
14.icon Cute PigElex200.147-0.49%
15.icon Flughafeni-Jet194.331-0.004%
16.icon Wobbix, das QuizQuiz-Fabrik190.403-0.71%
17.icon Street RacerPlinga179.308+0.76%
18.icon Goodgame PokerGoodgame Studios166.146+0.06%
19.icon Glücklich auf SyltElex164.864-0.78%
20.icon Mein CasinoElex158.471-0.50%

AppStats SchülerVZ: Autochallenge And Street Racer Only Gainers

By Kris Öst

Only “Street Racer” and “AutoChallenge” are gaining this week and it is not by much either. The rest of the titles are losing installs. “Glücklich auf Sylt” is our biggest loser this week with a 0.90% decrease, closely followed by “Traumstadt” on minus 0.83%.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon Frohe ErnteElex1.052.921-0.65%
2.icon Icy TowerPlinga500.488-0.23%
3.icon Pet PartyPlinga432.750-0.12%
4.icon Mein FischElex332.671-0.40%
5.icon Frohe Ernte 2Elex326.082-0.52%
6.icon Turtle SquadPlinga319.462-0.42%
7.icon Crazy CharlyPlinga316.567-0.49%
8.icon Goodgame FarmerGoodgame Studios291.801-0.53%
9.icon Goodgame MafiaGoodgame Studios267.213-0.22%
10.icon ModeweltPlinga262.572-0.17%
11.icon AutochallengeElex250.795+0.17%
12.icon TraumstadtElex238.243-0.83%
13.icon Frohe Ernte 3Elex227.005-0.56%
14.icon Cute PigElex201.129-0.51%
15.icon Flughafeni-Jet194.338-0.11%
16.icon Wobbix, das QuizQuiz-Fabrik191.758-0.73%
17.icon Street RacerPlinga177.955+0.64%
18.icon Glücklich auf SyltElex166.155-0.90%
19.icon Goodgame PokerGoodgame Studios166.040-0.02%
20.icon Mein CasinoElex159.261-0.38%

AppStats SchülerVZ: The Trend Continues

By Kris Öst

On SchülerVZ this week only a few games in the Top20 are gaining installs. “Icy Tower”, “Pet Party”, “Modewelt” and “Street Racer” are the titles that are going against the negative trend, adding users instead of losing them. “Traumstadt” is this week’s biggest loser with a 0.65% drop, closely followed by “Cute Pig” with a 0.63% decrease.
Game and application trends:
Car management games are the currently popular on the SchülerVZ network according to the game trends this week. Getting your own army of monsters are also up and coming as well as game where the user can choose to be a pop star. The applications section is dominated by quizzes and brands.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon Frohe ErnteElex1.059.808-0.40%
2.icon Icy TowerPlinga501.622+0.04%
3.icon Pet PartyPlinga433.263-0.04%
4.icon Mein FischElex334.003-0.36%
5.icon Frohe Ernte 2Elex327.762-0.47%
6.icon Turtle SquadPlinga320.792-0.40%
7.icon Crazy CharlyPlinga318.106-0.42%
8.icon Goodgame FarmerGoodgame Studios293.351-0.44%
9.icon Goodgame MafiaGoodgame Studios267.789-0.29%
10.icon ModeweltPlinga263.019+0.28%
11.icon AutochallengeElex250.365-0.06%
12.icon TraumstadtElex240.216-0.65%
13.icon Frohe Ernte 3Elex228.278-0.44%
14.icon Cute PigElex202.164-0.63%
15.icon Flughafeni-Jet194.558-0.09%
16.icon Wobbix, das QuizQuiz-Fabrik193.160-0.51%
17.icon Street RacerPlinga176.822+0.77%
18.icon Glücklich auf SyltElex167.646-0.56%
19.icon Goodgame PokerGoodgame Studios166.077-0.05%
20.icon Mein CasinoElex159.871-0.29%

AppStats SchülerVZ: Negative Numbers And New Entries

By Kris Öst

The negative trend that we have seen on the MeinVZ and StudiVZ, is also present on the SchülerVZ this week. Although not as bad as on the other two VZ networks, the SchülerVZ is not doing great at the moment, losing gamers every week. “Traumstadt” is this week’s top gainer with a 3.65% increase, closely followed by “Modewelt”, gaining 2.01%. Biggest loser is “Cute Pig” with a 0.90% decrease. We have quite a few new entries as well: “Glücklich auf Sylt”, “Street Racer”, “Goodgame Poker” and “Mein Casino” enters due to some games mysteriously disappearing on the network.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon Frohe ErnteElex1.074.156+0.08%
2.icon Icy TowerPlinga496.508+0.81%
3.icon Pet PartyPlinga432.053-0.26%
4.icon Mein FischElex339.308-0.33%
5.icon Frohe Ernte 2Elex334.488-0.40%
6.icon Turtle SquadPlinga325.533-0.20%
7.icon Crazy CharlyPlinga323.394-0.30%
8.icon Goodgame FarmerGoodgame Studios298.930-0.44%
9.icon Goodgame MafiaGoodgame Studios270.254+0.10%
10.icon ModeweltPlinga256.362+2.01%
11.icon AutochallengeElex248.369+0.86%
12.icon TraumstadtElex239.311+3.65%
13.icon Frohe Ernte 3Elex232.843-0.25%
14.icon Cute PigElex207.655-0.90%
15.icon wobbix, das QuizQuiz-Fabrik197.610-0.56%
16.icon Flughafeni-Jet194.266+0.31%
17.icon Glücklich auf SyltElex171.995new
18.iconStreet RacerPlinga167.438new
19.icon Goodgame PokerGoodgame Studios166.099new
20.icon Mein CasinoElex160.482new

AppStats SchülerVZ: Cute Pig Keeps Rising

By Kris Öst

The negative trend we have experienced during past few weeks has obviously spread to the SchülerVZ network, judging by the numbers presented in this week’s AppStats. There are more games losing than gaining at the moment making “Cute Pig” the top gainer with a modest increase of 3.91%. Biggest loser is “wobbix, das Quiz” with a decrease of 0.58%.
Game and application trends:
To train and grow your tribe is the hottest thing going on in the games section this week. Living the life of a pop star is also appealing according to numbers on the network. As seen on the MeinVZ & StudiVZ networks the application section is mostly dominated by brands, this is also the case on the SchülerVZ network where perfume and soft drink manufacturers are going strong.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon Frohe ErnteElex1.073.347-0.10%
2.icon Brain Buddieswooga799.900-0.48%
3.icon Icy TowerPlinga492.507+0.54%
4.icon Bubble Islandwooga441.926-0.10%
5.icon Pet PartyPlinga433.191+1.16%
6.icon Monster Worldwooga366.452-0.06%
7.icon Mein FischElex340.440-0.34%
8.icon Frohe Ernte 2Elex335.812-0.31%
9.icon Turtle SquadPlinga326.173-0.23%
10.icon Crazy CharlyPlinga324.362-0.30%
11.icon Goodgame FarmerGoodgame Studios300.232-0.50%
12.icon Goodgame MafiaGoodgame Studios269.981+0.47%
13.icon ModeweltPlinga251.318+2.37%
14.icon AutochallengeElex246.262+1.08%
15.icon Frohe Ernte 3Elex233.432+0.16%
16.icon TraumstadtElex230.888-0.46%
17.icon Cool FishElex210.476-0.46%
18.icon Cute PigElex209.529+3.91%
19.icon Wobbix, das QuizQuiz-Fabrik198.726-0.58%
20.icon Flughafeni-Jet193.656+0.26%

AppStats SchülerVZ: Elex’s Mein Fish with Momentum

By Kris Öst

The SchülerVZ Network is a mix of red and green this week, with more than half of the titles present losing installs and the rest of them gaining. “Mein Fisch” is this week’s top gainer with 4.05% and “wobbix Quiz” is the biggest loser with 0.70%. Although the SchülerVZ network seems to be more stable then MeinVZ and StudiVZ, the negative trend in installs has spread to Schüler as well.
Game and application trends:
As seen on MeinVZ and StudiVZ, there is a game present on SchülerVZ as well where the user is supposed to manage warriors and build villages. This is the hottest game at the moment. Dinosaurs are also a trend right now and games where the player is to manage a kingdom. In the applications section there are lot of different quizzes, soccer and some applications made by the VZ network team.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon Frohe ErnteElex1.074.449+0.39%
2.icon Brain Buddieswooga803.709-0.41%
3.icon Icy TowerPlinga489.869+0.86%
4.icon Bubble Islandwooga442.376-0.22%
5.icon Pet PartyPlinga428.221+0.70%
6.icon Monster Worldwooga366.658-0.10%
7.icon Mein FischElex341.587+4.05%
8.icon Frohe Ernte 2Elex328.292-0.35%
9.icon Turtle SquadPlinga326.925-0.25%
10.icon Crazy CharlyPlinga325.328-0.31%
11.icon Goodgame FarmerGoodgame Studios301.746-0.62%
12.icon Goodgame MafiaGoodgame Studios268.710+0.52%
13.icon ModeweltPlinga245.492+3.36%
14.icon AutochallengeElex243.619+1.31%
15.icon Frohe Ernte 3Elex233.049+0.13%
16.icon TraumstadtElex231.959-0.54%
17.icon Cool FishElex211.450-0.52%
18.icon Cute PigElex201.640-0.63%
19.icon Wobbix, das QuizQuiz-Fabrik199.872-0.70%
20.icon Flughafeni-Jet193.163+0.32%

AppStats SchülerVZ: The First Negative Trend For Elex

By Kris Öst

This week’s SchülerVZ appstats are a mix of both gainers and losers but basically there is a negative trend present this week, mostly visible at the bottom, and especially in the Elex titles present there. No other than 5 Elex titles are losing users this week, the only ones that keeps gaining are their titles “Frohe Ernte” with a 0.28% increase, “Mein Fisch” with a 0.35% increase and “Autochallenge”, gaining 1.41%. “Icy Tower” by Plinga is also doing great this week with a 1.03% increase.
Game and application trends this week:
Different type of city-builders and fashion games are this week’s most popular trends when you browse the game section on the SchülerVZ Network. One game where you are supposed to build your own kingdom is doing especially well, gaining users fast. In the application section there is still a huge interest for different personality quizzes, but also for soccer, where there are applications for supporting your favorite team.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon Frohe ErnteElex1.070.244+0.28%
2.icon Brain Buddieswooga807.040-0.56%
3.icon Icy TowerPlinga485.690+1.03%
4.icon Bubble Islandwooga443.368-0.13%
5.icon Pet PartyPlinga425.249+0.78%
6.icon Monster Worldwooga367.033+0.14%
7.icon Frohe Ernte 2Elex338.033-0.35%
8.icon Mein FischElex328.292+0.35%
9.icon Turtle SquadPlinga327.753-0.18%
10.icon Crazy CharlyPlinga326.325-0.33%
11.icon Goodgame FarmerGoodgame Studios303.605-0.63%
12.icon Goodgame MafiaGoodgame Studios267.308+0.38%
13.icon AutochallengeElex240.479+1.41%
14.icon ModeweltPlinga234.527-0.46%
15.icon TraumstadtElex233.222-0.56%
16.icon Frohe Ernte 3Elex232.737-0.05%
17.icon Cool FishElex212.546-0.59%
18.icon Cute PigElex202.903-0.51%
19.icon Wobbix, das QuizQuiz-Fabrik201.270-0.81%
20.icon Flughafeni-Jet192.548+0.93%

AppStats SchülerVZ: Fashion Rises

By Kris Öst

The SchülerVZ Network is doing reasonably well this week with plenty of titles gaining users. “Meine Modewelt” is doing extraordinary well with a 9.31% gain this week. “Flughafen” is also attracting new users with a 1.01% increase. “Icy Tower” and “Autochallenge” are both doing well this week gaining in strength. “Wobbix, das Quiz” is this week’s biggest loser with 0.78% closely followed by “Goodgame Farmer” with a 0.61% loss.

Game and App Trends:
Fashion, farming and simulated hospitals are this week’s top game trends on the Schüler Network. On the application side different quizzes are still going strong as well as various dating applications. This week’s most growing applications seems to be one where the user is supposed to show friends how much they mean in terms of love or friendship, by marking it on a sort of friendship tree.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon Frohe ErnteElex1.067.257-0.23%
2.icon Brain Buddieswooga811.577-0.53%
3.icon Icy TowerPlinga480.738+1.01%
4.icon Bubble Islandwooga443.955-0.09%
5.icon Pet PartyPlinga421.958+0.94%
6.icon Monster Worldwooga366.522+0.14%
7.icon Frohe Ernte 2Elex339.226-0.31%
8.icon Turtle SquadPlinga328.355-0.08%
9.icon Crazy CharlyPlinga327.410-0.27%
10.icon Mein FischHappySNS327.156+0.10%
11.icon Goodgame FarmerGoodgame Studios305.504-0.61%
12.icon Goodgame MafiaGoodgame Studios266.297+0.73%
13.icon AutochallengeElex237.138+1.42%
14.icon TraumstadtElex234.527-0.46%
15.icon Frohe Ernte 3Elex232.852+0.36%
16.icon Meine ModeweltPlinga223.888+9.31%
17.icon Cool FishElex213.806-0.52%
18.icon Cute PigElex203.943-0.28%
19.icon Wobbix, das QuizQuiz-Fabrik202.896-0.78%
20.icon Flughafeni-Jet190.781+1.61%

AppStats SchülerVZ: Meine Modewelt Is This Week’s Winner

By Gary Merrett

”Meine Modewelt” by Plinga is this week’s winner with a huge surge in installs. The title which made its first appearance last week has gained 13.13% since then, making it this week’s top gainer. “Frohe Ernte” keeps losing ground, but with over a million installs so far, the title keeps its top placement. I-Jet’s “Flughafen” is doing really well this week with a 2.23% gain in user-levels.

Current Game Trends on SchülerVZ
Hospital games, fashion and village-building games seem to be the most popular trends on the Schüler Network this week. Amongst trends from last week, such as sports, popular brands and the possibility to act out as chief of different TV-shows, we also see interesting trends in applications that help the user promote his or her school.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon Frohe ErnteElex1.069.714-0.17%
2.icon Brain Buddieswooga815.887-0.57%
3.icon Icy TowerPlinga475.914+1.00%
4.icon Bubble Islandwooga444.340-0.09%
5.icon Pet PartyPlinga418.044+1.15%
6.icon Monster Worldwooga366.008+0.17%
7.icon Frohe Ernte 2Elex340.286-0.35%
8.icon Turtle SquadPlinga328.607-0.06%
9.icon Crazy CharlyPlinga328.293-0.24%
10.icon Mein FischHappySNS326.819+0.007%
11.icon Goodgame FarmerGoodgame Studios307.373-0.53%
12.icon Goodgame MafiaGoodgame Studios264.358+0.97%
13.icon TraumstadtElex235.610-0.60%
14.icon AutochallengeElex233.812+1.83%
15.icon Frohe Ernte 3Elex232.014-0.09%
16.icon Cool FishElex214.922-0.49%
17.icon Meine ModeweltPlinga204.824+13.13%
18.icon Cute PigElex204.508-0.58%
19.icon Wobbix, das QuizQuiz-Fabrik204.470-0.80%
20.icon Flughafeni-Jet187.752+2.23%