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Rovio launches a series of Angry Birds videos featuring Bing

By Gary Merrett

roRovio has launched a four video series of animated videos that put a new twist on the never-ending rivalry between the birds and the pigs, featuring for the first time, product integration with Bing, Microsoft’s search engine. The first two installments of the series are available now, and in the videos we can see the hungry pigs getting creative and scheming how to get the treasured eggs. To see what happens next, tune in to the Rovio YouTube channel in the coming weeks.

For a limited period, Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons feature integrated, contextual Bing searches to help players find solutions for tricky levels, and discover the elusive Golden Eggs. Bing helps players make more informed decisions by providing the best search experience for topics that match the problem at hand. “We’re thrilled to partner with Bing to help people quickly get to new Angry Bird levels,” said Peter Vesterbacka, Mighty Eagle at Rovio. “Bing is one of the hottest new brands, offering innovative technology, and we’re excited to partner with Bing to offer new experiences that will delight our millions of Angry Bird fans.”

If the players are looking for walkthrough videos for a particular level of Angry Birds, Bing will get them there. Likewise, if the players do not wish to view walkthrough videos, but simply discover helpful hints, they can find these easily from Bing search results. Angry Birds has been downloaded over 30 million times in the US alone on the iPhone, Android devices, and iPad. The Angry Birds YouTube channel, featuring the widely popular Angry Bird videos, has over 73M views.