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Interview with Planeto CEO Martin Walfisz: We Will Build the Best Social Games in The World

By Sebastian Sujka

Martin Walfisz, CEO of Planeto

Martin Walfisz is the founder of Massive Entertainment. With his new Malmö/Sweden based company, Planeto, his goal is nothing less than to produce the best social game ever.  Planeto’s first game is called Planeto Quiz and will launch soon.  We talked to Martin about the motivation to produce social games and Planeto Quiz’ unique game mechanics.

SocialGamesObserver: Why did you decide to produce social games?

Martin Walfisz: I started Massive entertainment 13 years ago with the goal of creating the best games in the world. We focused on strategy games and Massive Entertainment created the best strategy games – World of Conflict was voted the best strategy game in the world at that time.
Having achieved that, I decided to start up the new company. With Planeto we are still dedicated to produce the best games, but this time we want to create the biggest games in the world and social games fit our mass market focus.

SGO: Your first social game is a quiz and will be public soon. Why did you choose a quiz?

MW: When I started thinking what game can be played and immediately understood by everyone I realized quiz games have the best game mechanics.You get a question and four answer alternatives and everyone in the world will understand what to do. We realized that quiz games are very underdeveloped and there is so much more you can do that no one seems to have done yet.

SGO: But it is not just a classic quiz as we know it?

MW: Indeed. It is hard to describe. One way of looking at it is taking a game like World of Warcraft with its whole game design psychology, stripping down all the fantasy elements and replacing it with the game mechanics of a quiz. Although it is not a RPG we are keeping the avatar RPG elements. You have the features of finding items and leveling up. The simplest way of explaining what the game is: it is a mix of World of Warcraft and quiz – or Farmville and quiz if you like.

SGO: To round up and without revealing secrets: Planeto Quiz combines gameplay elements of a RPG with a quiz at its core.  Can you tell us a bit more about the quiz questions?

MW: The questions are more general knowledge focused. The quiz part is where your knowledge matters but also additionally RPG elements like collecting items do matter. Every time you answer correctly, there is a chance that you get an item.  For example you can win a ring of sports and if you put it on you have a higher chance to get a sports question and the correct answers on sports questions will give you a higher score.  You can also find an action card that gives you a higher chance of getting a cool item the next time. Our game offers many options of how to play the quiz as well. You can play on your own but we also have cooperative quiz games or competitor quiz games, where you can play together against others or directly against your friends.