The Latest News on the Social Games Market in Europe and Emerging Markets


Tagged Announces 2011 Results, Remains Profitable for the Fourth Consecutive Year

By Thorsten Bleich

San Francisco-based social network Tagged announced its 2011 fiscal performance. Record business results included revenue growth of 35 percent to over $43 million, tripled registered users to over 330 million with the acquisition of hi5 and doubled active users to over 20 million, tripled staff size and a fourth consecutive profitable year for the company.

Tagged also completed its first four acquisitions to-date, with December’s acquisition of hi5. The company founded its own internal game studio, its virtual currency revenue up 60 percent from 2010. With a new suite of mobile offerings mobile usage grew to over 30 percent of its daily active users, according to the company.

Tagged was founded in 2004 and focuses on social discovery and meeting new people rather than managing existing relationships.


hi5 Announces “SocioPay” Monetization Platform

By Sebastian Sujka

Social network hi5 announced the launch of the SocioPay monetization.  SocioPay objective is to dynamically determine the optimal monetization solution for every commerce opportunity, including identifying players who are less likely to purchase and offering advertising as an alternative to traditional payment options. “While results are still early, we expect SocioPay to increase revenue in social games by 200%-300% over traditional commerce and lead-generation offers found on other social networks,” said Monty Kerr, hi5 Vice President of Commerce and Advertising. “The key innovation is that SocioPay extends beyond the hi5 platform; allowing developers to see dramatically increased revenue wherever their social games are distributed – even on other social networks.”

“Over the last year, we’ve been working closely with hi5 on the distribution of our social game titles, Port Casino Poker and Port Casino Blackjack. By implementing SocioPay, we’ll be able to gain actionable insights and achieve measurable improvements in monetization and revenue per user. hi5 is a strategic partner for us as we look to expand our business this year and we are planning to launch more titles leveraging their new SocioPay platform,” said Richard Garriott, Co-founder and Creative Director at Portalarium. The newly launched SocioPay technology will complement the latest release of SocioPath, the social gaming platform designed to liberate social games from their dependence on social networks through viral audience acquisition, which is also launching at GDC this year. The new version of SocioPath will enable over 100 social games currently distributed on the hi5 platform to be accessible directly from the site without requiring a user account or registration.


Sega will Run Social Games On Facebook and Hi5

By Sebastian Sujka

Aiming to transform “Sega Play!” social games into a globally recognized brand, Japanese Developer Sega announced to enter the American market by operating games on the social Facebook and Hi5. The Japanese firm will launch “Sega Play! Baseball” on Facebook at the end of this month and plans to follow up in March by launching “Sega Play! Football” on Hi5. Sega will be the first traditional Japanese game developer to operate a game on Hi5.

It seems a lot like Sega continues their way of missing the right moment to follow trends. Where years ago Sega’s years of experience of gaming could have been helpful in designing social games and establishing itself in the market, Sega steps in line with other developers who missed the trend and now want a piece of the social gaming cake. There is hardly any reason to believe that Sega games will dominate on Facebook unless they are willing to pay a fortune on advertising to build a strong user base.

Surprisingly, with Hi5 the case might be different. Hi5 has a strong presence in Asia where Sega might be able to better serve users’ needs than other game developers do. The obvious point, however, is that there is simply significantly less competition on Hi5 than on Facebook. Despite all the noise around it Hi5’s new social gaming platform “Sociopath” Hi5 could not live up to the expectations. With Facebook rapidly spreading in Asia Sega is better off to hurry in helping to make Hi5 a social gaming oasis.


AppStats Hi5: New Entry By Digital Chocolate

By Kris Öst

There are a lot of ups and downs on the Hi5 list as we have seen for quite some time. The most significant event this week is the massive drop by “Fantasy Kingdoms”. 97.24% loss in installs is no laughing matter and Casual Collective’s “Backyard Monsters” isn’t doing that well either, with a 16.43% loss in installs. This is probably as we all know, due to the reporting problems Hi5 is experiencing for quite some time now and there are actually some bright points to it all in the new entry by Digital Chocolate, with the title “Millionaire City”. This is something that may have a positive impact on numbers, since that particular title is doing very well at the moment. Another new entry is i-Jet’s “Farm Frenzy Neighbor”, entering at place 10. Top gainer this week is another i-Jet title, namely “Airport”, with a 13.79% increase.

App Name Developer Installs Gain %
1.icon Barn BuddyThe Broth2.824.374-1.92%
2.icon Resort Worldgameinsight139.169+1.90%
3.icon Fantasy KingdomsSneakey Games129.463-97.24%
4.icon Organized CrimeSocial Moray126.888+1.32%
5.icon Millionaire CityDigital Chocolate94.981new
6.icon Cube CrashOcean Breeze Games90.801+1.63%
7.icon FarmeramaBigpoint58.639-5.76%
8. Airporti-Jet56.630+13.79%
9.icon Backyard MonstersCasual Collective48.584-16.43%
10.icon Farm Frenzy Neighbori-Jet44.923new

AppStats Hi5: The Fluctuation Continues

By Gary Merrett

The Hi5 list is like a rollercoaster right now with new titles entering and leaving every week. Games are rising, falling and exiting; just to rise and fall again, creating chaos and heavy fluctuation. This week is no different with two new titles entering namely “Bush Whacker” and “Airport” from i-Jet. “Bush Whacker” was with us a couple of weeks ago, just to be pushed out and now the title is here once again at 10th place. The rest of the list is a mess.”Fantasy Kingdoms” is climbing hard this week with 101.38% increase in users and “Organized Crime” falls equally hard with a 25.21% decrease in installs.

App Name Developer Installs Gain %
1.icon Barn BuddyThe Broth2.878.670+7.15%
2.icon Fantasy KingdomsSneakey Games255.349+101.38%
3.icon Resort Worldgameinsight136.571+16.86%
4.icon Organized CrimeSocial Moray125.232-25.21%
5.icon Cube CrashOcean Breeze Games89.342-5.26%
6.icon FarmeramaBigpoint62.018-6.79%
7.icon Backyard MonstersCasual Collective56.568-8.38%
8.icon Airporti-Jet49.767new
9.icon PortCasino PokerPortalarium49.089-1.00%
10.icon Bush WhackerDJArts Games48.810new

AppStats Hi5: Playdom Enters The Charts

By Kris Öst

Heavy fluctuation in numbers except for “Barn Buddy”, the leader still. “Organized Crime” from Social Moray drops heavily and so does Bigpoint’s “Farmerama”. Playdom enters the game with their title “Poker Palace” and this can hopefully stir things up a bit as we hope for better balance on Hi5 in the future. “Fantasy Kingdoms” and “Resort World” both do well this week with a massive increase in installs and might shift some of the top placements around a bit next week.

App Name Developer Installs Gain %
1.icon Barn BuddyThe Broth2.686.534-3.03%
2.icon Organized CrimeSocial Moray156.801-39.49%
3.icon Fantasy KingdomsSneakey Games126.798+18.35%
4.icon Resort Worldgameinsight116.872+14.36%
5.icon Cube CrashOcean Breeze Games94.040-15.11%
6.icon FarmeramaBigpoint66.228-41.88%
7.icon Happy LagoonMinsh62.662+10.07%
8. Backyard MonstersCasual Collective61.306-19.36%
9.icon PortCasino PokerPortalarium49.580-16.94%
10.icon Poker PalacePlaydom40.533new

AppStats Hi5

By Gary Merrett

There is continued fluctuation on Hi5 this week and the reporting problems the network has experienced hasn’t changed. “Barn Buddy” is still holding on to the top placement with almost 3 million installs so far and a massive surge in gained users for Social Moray’s “Organized Crime” this week places the title on 2nd place. “Resort World” is doing great with a big increase in popularity and a new entry by DJArts Games named “Bush Whacker” could prove interesting.

App Name Developer Installs Gain %
1.icon Barn BuddyThe Broth2.767.819-1.33%
2.icon Organized CrimeSocial Moray218.716+32.92%
3.icon Cube CrashOcean Breeze Games108.254+2.95%
4.icon Fantasy KingdomsSneakey Games107.137-24.11%
5.icon Resort Worldgameinsight102.194+16.62%
6.icon FarmeramaBigpoint93.967-10.36%
7.icon Backyard MonstersCasual Collective73.177-1.04%
8. PortCasino PokerPortalarium57.981+4.15%
9.icon Happy LagoonMinsh56.931-2.97%
10.icon Bush WhackerDJArts Games55.511new

AppStats Hi5: Backyard Monsters Keeps Climbing

By Thorsten Bleich

The Hi5 AppStats continues to surprise us with high volatility. A highly unusual spike in numbers for Casual Collective’s “Backyard Monsters”  dominates this week’s list putting the title right at 2nd place after leading “Barn Buddy”, a game with almost 3 million installs so far. “Barn Buddy” loses some ground and so does “Happy Lagoon”, and “Organized Crime”. A huge gain for “Resort World” and a new entry by Exponential Entertainment’s title “Double Exposure”.

App Name Developer Installs Gain %
1.icon Barn BuddyThe Broth2.666.294-5.19%
2.icon BackyardMonstersCasual Collective454.914+515.25%
3.icon Organized CrimeSocial Moray164.548-12.07%
4.icon Fantasy KingdomsSneakey Games146.084+9.87%
5.icon FarmeramaBigPoint110.978+7.01%
6.icon Cube CrashOcean Breeze Games105.148+5.11%
7.icon Resort Worldgameinsight87.633+82.56%
8. Happy LagoonMinsh58.623-19.81%
9.icon Double ExposureExponentialEntertainment55.836new
10.icon PortCasino PokerPortalarium55.670+2.99%

Appstats Hi5

By Kris Öst
App Name Developer Installs Gain %
1.icon Barn BuddyThe Broth2.804.629-3.27%
2.icon Organized CrimeSocial Moray184.406-9.35%
3.icon Fantasy KingdomsSneaky Games132.963-19.31%
4.icon FarmeramaBigpoint103.705-23.76%
5.icon Cube CrashOcean Breeze Games100.040-22.65%
6.icon Backyard MonstersCasual Collective73.940+0.85%
7.icon Happy LagoonMinsh70.236-0.59%
8. PortCasino PokerPortalarium54.055+7.93%
9.icon Resort Worldgameinsight48.003new
10.icon JumperGamesworld46.064-20.71%

Hi5 Launches “SocioPath” Next Generation Social Gaming Platform

By Gary Merrett

Hi5 has announced the beta launch of “SocioPath” a next generation social gaming platform designed to free social game developers from their dependence on social networking portals for viral audience acquisition. “Social media game developers and publishers are facing significant barriers to drive audience and revenue on social networks, and are struggling under the restrictions imposed on them by these portals,” said Alex St. John, Hi5 President and Chief Technology Officer. “We’re providing a platform that enables social game developers and publishers to be liberated from the walled garden social network, build their own communities around their games, and monetize them efficiently.”

Over the coming months, Hi5 will roll out the SocioPath beta program to a select set of partners. Current developer partners include: BigPoint, Digital Chocolate, Playdom, Casual Collective, Portalarium, Slingo, TheBroth, Sneaky Games, HitPoint Studios, Minsh, and HeyZap.