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PapayaMobile’s AppFlood Marks One Year With Significant Growth And iOS Compatibility

By Mo Moubarak

PapayaMobile, the mobile distribution and monetization company, celebrates the one year anniversary of the launch of its AppFlood platform; announcing that the commission-free cross-promotion network for buying, selling and exchanging mobile app traffic has seen a surge of developers joining the network, doubling since April this year.

The AppFlood network has attracted more than 4,500 Android developers to date, accumulating 147 Million users – a 267% increase up from 40 Million in January 2013. AppFlood reached 46 Million Monthly Active Users (MAUs) in June of this year; delivering 1.3 Billion impressions. This growth has been driven entirely on Android and is expected to accelerate with the recent introduction of iOS compatibility.

“We’re positively overwhelmed with the growth we’ve seen in the platform’s first year, which we believe can be attributed to our understanding of developers’ needs,” said Si Shen, CEO of PapayaMobile. “As developers ourselves, we get that developers want more transparency and control over their app marketing efforts; they don’t want yet more middlemen getting in the way and taking all the profits. AppFlood’s transparency and flexibility has resonated with the Android developers that have joined in the first year, and we anticipate that momentum will continue to accelerate our growth through 2013 with the introduction of iOS compatibility.”

Developer Numbers

In addition to iOS, PapayaMobile recently rolled out a number of new features in AppFlood, designed to increase the transparency and functionality of the platform. These features include an Open Direct Deal Network, which combines the visibility of one-to-one deals with the range and reach of an ad network; Multi-Dimensional Analytics that better identify potential opportunities to boost ad revenue and ROI; and Ad Network Mediation, which enables app performance comparisons across AppFlood’s partner networks from a single SDK and dashboard. Partner networks include Appia, Cyberagent, Unicume, Clickky, Altrooz and Motive Interactive.

“The mobile ad network space as a whole is seeing a lot of growth, as illustrated by recent newsworthy acquisitions,” continued Si. “The continued adoption of Android, and Apple’s impressive Q2 results – fuelled largely by the iPhone, indicate that mobile is showing no signs of slowing down. We strive to find new ways to best serve the developer community to better take advantage of that opportunity. Since many of our developers create apps across both Android and iOS, AppFlood’s support of both platforms means far greater reach, far better monetization and more efficient user acquisition.”

The updated AppFlood with iOS compatibility is available now to all new and existing AppFlood customers. There is also an updated SDK available to developers and publishers to unlock this new functionality within their apps. Visit for more information.


SwapMob, the Social Trading Network for Free-to-Play Games, Announces Platform, Funding and Initial Availability

By Camilla Noon

SwapMob has unveiled a break-through service for free-to-play gamers that allows players to buy and sell their premium virtual items amongst their friends and other players, regardless of game or operating system. The SwapMob social trading network works across multiple games and gaming platforms, and can be integrated by developers directly into multi-player games. SwapMob is now available for games on Web, social and mobile gaming platforms.

SwapMob removes the borders between your favorite games by creating a free item-trading platform that can be accessed no matter the social game you are playing, said Mark Sendo, chairman and chief executive officer of SwapMob. The freedom of SwapMob will open up a whole new world of options for developers and players, where you can sell an item to someone in one game and have the proceeds sent you in a different game, automatically converted into the correct in-game currency.

The SwapMob social trading platform allows players to list, bid and sell their virtual goods within games and across platforms where players have the choice of selling their items to their friends or the highest bidder. Developers can integrate the SwapMob API directly into their live or in-development games, without disrupting the gameplay experience for users. Now live, SwapMob can be experienced in the following games:

SwapMob comes to market following a $1 million seed funding round lead by games industry pioneer Bernard “Bernie” Stolar, who began his career with Atarirs arcade business and went on to an Executive Vice President position with Sony Computer Entertainment America and then as President and Chief Operation Officer with Sega of America, where he oversaw the release of the revolutionary Dreamcast console, and as President of Mattel Interactive. Stolar is joined by fellow investor Erich Spangenberg.

SwapMob is the future of digital item trading, said Stolar. The platform increases the numbers of players spending money in free-to-play games and the amount of money spent by existing players, and drives new users to new games through item recommendation and currency conversion. Simply put, SwampMob is poised to be the first successful cross-platform social trading service in the world.


App Store Gives Away Popular iOS Games and Apps

By Camilla Noon

Here’s a little treat on a Monday morning. A number of premium iOS apps and games have been discounted to nothing over at the App Store, including the charming and mildly addictive Tiny Wings (and Tiny Wings HD for iPad), Traktor DJ (normally $20), Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery EP, as well as Infinity Blade II (usually $7). There’s no official promotion to explain or list all the discounts, so we’re left to guess that this could be a prelude to July 10th, when Apple will mark the fifth anniversary of the App Store. Cupertino has already started sending out promotional material to mark the occasion, listing the usual big statistics to show how far the App Store has come since 2008, so these freebies could well be a part of that. We’ve linked up a few of them after the break, but the list isn’t exhaustive so please add more in the Comments section if you spot any others that merit the storage space. Happy hunting!

Traktor DJ for iPad and for iPhone – “The world’s #1 pro DJ software brings high-impact DJing to iPad”

Infinity Blade II - “Can you unlock all the mysteries and successfully wield the power of the Infinity Blade in this timeless swordplay adventure?”

Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery EP – “an exploratory action adventure with an emphasis on audiovisual style”

Tiny Wings and Tiny Wings HD (for iPad) – “You have always dream of flying — but your wings are tiny.”

Badland – “Award-winning atmospheric action adventure platformer”

Where’s My Water – “Each level is a challenging physics-based puzzle with amazing life-life mechanics.”

via: Engadget


metricsmonk Releases iOS Analytics and User Distribution

By Gary Merrett

The product’s new innovative “User Distribution” function increases granularity

Today metricsmonk releases the complete iOS analytics feature to complement their current data suite. Joining the already well-established Facebook game and app analytics, the iOS feature contains refined tools to scan how an application or game is performing within different markets.

Up until now, metricsmonk has provided an analytics suite spanning Facebook applications and games. The addition of the iOS feature to this suite ensures customers have access to a broader range of analytics across both the Facebook and Mobile platforms. User distribution is the key tool in this analytics offering. It provides a huge amount of granularity and lets customers scan how users of their app or game are also acting within the iOS market. This helps customers identify who they are competing against for users, thus helping them to adjust user acquisition costs and communication accordingly.

User Distribution Screenshot

The iOS analytics features include:

  • User distribution: the ability to see the distribution of users of a specific application or game over other applications or games
  • Rankings: to show overview of app/game performance within different appstores and categories
  • Item detail: for each app/game, customers can view its ranking across all appstores, the number of reviews it has and the average rating given by its users

“We’re really excited to be introducing iOS to metricsmonk,” CEO Sebastian Sujka enthuses, “I am confident that our clients will find the update a valuable addition to the service. The user distribution is a revolutionary new feature that we’ve been working on for a while and clients are reacting extremely positively to this update. There’s nothing else like this on the market.”


Who is Who in Asia: Playbucks Games

By Huel Fuchsberger

With Gemmings Rush the newly hatched company Playbucks Games debuts on Facebook. Their game is a Word-Building-Puzzle Game that unifies different genres. The Company is based in Seoul and consists of 12 employees. Here are more details about Playbucks Games:

  • Name: Playbucks Games

    Gemmings Rush Ingame Screenshot

  • Founded: Seoul, Korea
  • Founded by: Joonwon Choi
  • Founded in: 2012
  • Funding: No
  • Acquisitions: No

    Gemmings Rush Ingame Screenshot

  • Number of employees: 12
  • Number of Games published: 1
  • List of Games published on Facebook:Gemmings Rush
  • Describe what you do in a sentence:
    Playbucks Games truly loves and desires to develop the good games for everyone to have more fun in their lives.
  • Games published on: Facebook
  • Acting as a Publisher: No
  • Working with publisher: No

    Gemmings Rush Ingame Screenshot

  • Publishing games in with languages: English
  • Game genre: Word-building
  • User demographics : Worldwide English speakers of all ages
  • Best-selling virtual item : All Items are free at this point.
  • What do you see as currently most exciting trend in the industry: Serious Games

Who is Who in Europe: Mandala Games

By Huel Fuchsberger

Mandala Games is a French developer  located in Natntes. Their currently biggets game on Facebook is the slot machine game  La Riviera with 330,000.  Here are more information about the company:

  • Name: Mandala Games
  • Founded: Nantes (France)
  • Founded by: Nadya Jahan
  • Founded in: August 2010
  • Funding: No
  • Acquisitions: No
  • Number of employees: 6
  • Number of Games published: 2
  • List of Games published:
    La Riviera

    La Riviera Minigame on Facebook

  • Describe what you do in a sentence:
    Social Casino Games on Facebook and mobile
  • Games published on: Facebook and iOS
  • Working with publisher: Yes

    La Riviera on Facebook

  • Acting as a Publisher: No
  • Publishing games in with languages: English, French
  • Game genre/s: Social Casino Games
  • User demographics (gender) : Mostly Female
  • User demographics: location : Mainly in the US
  • Best-selling virtual item (also indicate price and game):
    Extra Bonus Power-up – $4.90 (La Riviera)
  • Most expensive virtual item (also indicate price and game):
    1.2M Coins Pack – $200 (La Riviera)
  • What do you see as currently most exciting trend in the industry:
    Social Gaming & Gambling Convergence

Game of the Week – Lost Jewels

By Huel Fuchsberger

Istanbul-based publisher and developer Peak Games mainly focuses on the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey but also release a game for the western market – Lost Jewels is one of those games. After Lost Bubble it is the second entry of the in-house developed “Lost” series. And with Lost Jewels Peak Games is off to a good start as past weeks #3 top gainer on the AppStats leaderboard.

Developer: Peak Games
Best in-app purchase
: 12 Moves (0.50€)
Genre:  Puzzle
Languages:  English
Platforms:  Facebook
Active users (Facebook): 560,00 MAU 260,000 DAU

How to Play

By matching stones of the same color in groups of at least 3 the player solves puzzles similar to other match-3 games. A difference in Lost Jewels is that not only lines bigger that 4 create special stones – matching stones in “L”,“T”,“U” and “S” shapes create bonus stones that have special abilities.

To proceed from level to level, the player has to solve 3 sublevels. The goal in the sublevels is to get treasure chests from the top of the field to the bottom. Additionally, collecting a certain amount of gems is required to pass. All of this has to be accomplished with a limited amount of moves. This makes up a challenging game. After the tutorial levels and some easy starters, the difficulty increases notably.

In the Magic Shop the player can purchase talismans. Talismans are bonus stones that appear randomly on the field and make it easier to solve a sublevel. Some are available for game coins and others for Facebook credits. Differently than in other games those talismans can be purchased while playing a sublevel. Those talismans are already very helpful, but even more valuable are the extra moves the player can buy.

The end-game saver

Due to the many conditions that have to be met to pass a level, it is very likely not to meet all of them in the given move limit. If the player runs out of moves he can purchase extra ones. In many cases those can help him to finishing an almost solved level. This end-game purchase can save a game the player has the felling is heading somewhere. It turns the purchase into a tactical tool that can be used precisely when needed. Therefore it is no wonder that moves are Lost Jewels’ top in-app purchase according to the AppCenter.