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Want to Build a Social Game? Just Buy One on Ebay!

By Sebastian Sujka

Today, we received an interesting email from German developer Moonbyte. The company is offering the social game Happy Treasure for sale – on ebay. The auction just began with a starting bid of 1$. Moonbyte states that the game contains code and assets of more than $50,000 in production value.

In Happy Treasure the user takes the role of a treasure hunter who travels the world collecting treasures to build the world’s most valuable treasure mansion. With a crew of diggers the user visits different locations such as the Maya temples or Caribbean Islands where buried treasures have to be revealed.

A digging operation takes a certain time and the longer the digging takes the better the chances to find treasures.  After finding treasures the idea is to accumulate them in the mansion.

The company started the development of the game in 2010 as a self-funded indie project with the idea of making an Indy-themed game and worked on the title for almost a year. According to Founder & CEO Robert Clemens at some point the team realized they did not have enough resources to complete and maintain the game. Now the company would like to “find a buyer who is passionate about the product and wants to put it out in his name.” There are a couple of things a potential buyer should know: The game is not fully ready yet. On Facebook only a restricted-access development version can be accessed.

According to Moonbyte the game needs “2-3 man months from a developer to implement some last features to be finally ready for a first release”. Other elements still missing are the integration of payment providers or overall balancing of items and tutorials.  So far the game has received nine bids. The auction will end on Easter Monday (April 9).