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GREE Launches First US Android Game Dino Life, Acquires Funzio

By Regina Leuwer

GREE’s US studio today announced the launch of its first Android title Dino Life – set in a prehistoric world where dinosaurs and cavemen peacefully coexist. The game is released exclusively on Google’s Play Store.

Dino Life lets players collect and breed over 60 dinosaurs while building a Stone Age tribe. The game also features the ability to crossbreed dinos, allowing players to hatch their very own never-before seen species of dinosaur.

“GREE is excited about the recent advancements in Google Play and its potential to expand the free-to-play ecosystem on Android. Dino Life is our first Android title and exemplifies our commitment to offer unique gameplay mechanics, great social features and highly-stylized art in each game,” commented Eiji Araki, SVP of Social Games at GREE International. “This game is another step towards creating an ecosystem of games free from geographic or operating system restrictions and is limited only by the imagination of the gamer and the developer.”

GREE’s San Francisco studio plans to release more free-to-play titles in the upcoming months. Additionally, GREE is currently building a social mobile games platform, scheduled for release in Q2 2012. Yesterday, social gaming companies CrowdStar and iWin announced partnerships with GREE for its upcoming cross-platform network. The Japanese mobile social network acquired US-based competitor Open Feint in April 2011.

Update: GREE also today announced the acquisition of  Funzio – the cross-platform game developer of Crime City, Kingdom Age and Modern War – for a reported $210 million.