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Who is Who in Europe: PlaySpace

By Huel Fuchsberger

Founded and based in Palma de Mallorca the Spanish developer and publisher PlaySpace creates traditional games for the Spanish speaking market.  The company reaches those users over social networks and mobile platforms. Genres PlaySpace offers are multiplayer board, card and casino games. Here are more details about PlaySpace:

  • Name: PlaySpace
  • Founded: Founded and based on Palma de Mallorca, Spain
  • Founded by: Alfonso Villar and Enrique Dubois
  • Founded in: June 2011

    Pachis Ingame Screenshot

  • Funding: 1,5 M €
  • Acquisitions: No
  • Number of employees: 18
  • Number of Games published: 6
  • List of Games published on Facebook:
    Parchis PlaySpace
    Domino PlaySpace
    Bingo PlaySpace
    Luno PlaySpace
    La Oca PlaySpace
    Chinchon PlaySpace
  • Describe what you do in a sentence:
    PlaySpace brings traditional games such as Ludo, Dominoes, Bingo, Oca, Chinchon, Luno, etc. to social networks and mobile platforms focusing on Spain and LatinAmerica.

    Luno Ingame Screenshot

  • Games published on: Facebook, Tuenti, iOS
  • Acting as a Publisher: Yes
  • Working with publisher: No
  • Publishing games in with languages:
    Spanish, English and Portuguese

    Bingo Ingame Screenshot

  • Game genre: Real time multiplayer board, card and casino games
  • User demographics (gender) :
    60% female and 40% male
  • User demographics (location) : Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela and USA.
  • Best-selling virtual item :
    Points Multiplier x2 – 0,70 € (Parchis game)
  • Most expensive virtual item :
    Kill pawn with dog 10,10 € (Parchis game)
  • What do you see as currently most exciting trend in the industry:
    The convergence of all game genres and audience on mobile platforms.