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Game of the Week: Bet it all on Lucky Slots

By Sebastian Sujka

Gambling is rising in popularity on Facebook. Rumors are getting stronger that Facebook will allow real money gambling in several countries – possibly in the near future after their IPO. But even without betting real money gambling on Facebook continues to be a trend. Zynga, IGT, Crowdpark or Yazino have been in the news frequently whenever the discussion about gambling was heating up. Very silently, Blue Shell Games became a significant player when it comes to casino games today, counting 1.1 million monthly active users with their hit game Lucky Slots – Free Slot Machines.

Title: Lucky Slots – Free Slot Machines
Developer: Blue Shell Games
Genre: Gambling
Launch: August 2011
Language(s): English
Monthly active users: 1,100,000 MAU; 250,000 DAU
Monetization: Free-to-play with paid premium currency

How to Play

The game mechanics are pretty simply and the game begins immediately. There is no tutorial. The first spins are done by clicking on the only possible button. The first click is a win and the user continues from here and starts playing without having to have a clue how a slot machine game really works and what outcome of the reels are desirable.

The sophisticated player can set the number of lines he is betting on and the amount of currency he is betting on each line. Additionally, the last amount won is displayed. On the paytable the user can have a brief look at the rules which are explained in one picture but in the game every setting change made by the user is explained by graphic elements.

Lucky Slots - click to enlarge

With every spin the user earns experience points to advance to the next level. The experience points also depend on the amount of the total bet. With every level the user can unlock new slot machines or increase the maximum amount per bet. By keeping the maximum amount per bet low at the beginning it is very hard for new users to go bankrupt.

Next to the spin button the user also finds a “bet max” button for the maximal amount and the maximal number of lines. Hard currency can be paid for upgrades of the slot machines which, for example, increase the number of free spins.

A small amount of free currency is provided daily but if a user runs out of currency the only options to keep playing are to spend real money or to send free currency to friends and hope to expect some free currency in return. The developer’s attempts to make the user share, invite and buy are omnipresent but implemented in a way that is not annoying.

In a nutshell

Lucky Slots is a very casual easy entry casino slot machine game that creates a convincing atmosphere with the simple but right music, sounds and optics.  It is not aproblem, maybe even a plus, if the user did never use a real slot machine or does not understand the mechanics.