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Akamon Launches Bingo Rider, Its First Game For Mobile Devices

By Camilla Noon

Bingo Rider, Akamon Entertainment’s first game for mobile devices, is available in the Apple AppStore starting 1st May. Akamon Entertainment, the leading social gaming company specializing in traditional and casino games in Southern Europe and Latin America, launches its first game for mobile devices, doing so with a game that recently has been recognized internationally as the best social bingo product in the market, at the EGR Operator Awards 2012.

Bingo Rider is a 90-ball multiplayer social bingo game where users share their gameplay experience with the shared-liquidity Akamon community of over 11 million players in real-time, regardless of which platform each player uses, allowing them to play with portal or Facebook users, synchronously.

This new mobile gaming experience offers multiple levels and gifts and includes new social elements with collectible cards and a chat option in the iPad version. David Jané, Head of Bingo at Akamon Entertainment explains: ”We have developed a mobile game that allows users to pair the game with other tasks and have an exceptional gaming experience shared with other users, translating the success of the online game to new interactive screens and emphasizing the social aspects, reproducing the experience of a real, traditional bingo game in the palms of your hand.”

Bingo Rider Screenshot

Bingo Rider is available for free on the AppStore, and users receive 5000 chips and 50 cards with their download, so they can play for free. In addition, following Akamon’s freemium business model, users can purchase virtual chips to improve their playing experience and accelerate the progression of levels.

Vicenç Martí, CEO of Akamon Entertainment, emphasizes “the company’s veritable leap with the new offering of mobile games, particularly in the Latin American markets, with Brazil at the forefront, where already more people use smartphones and tablets than PCs and where more users want to play on their smartphones every day.”

According to Martí, “The launch of Bingo Rider and 5 other mobile games throughout 2013 is the first step to turn Akamon into a mobile-First company, and will allow Akamon to consolidate its position as a main player in social gaming throughout the company’s natural markets -Latin America and Southern Europe- and exponentially grow the number of registered users, projecting a total of 20 million users by the end of the year.”

In its first week available at the Apple’s Appstore, Bingo Rider reached the top position in the categories of board and casino games in all Akamon’s strategic markets -Spain, France, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico and Colombia standing out-, and keeps on Top 10 of these categories in most Latin American and European markets.

Akamon plans to launch the Android version of Bingo Rider before the end of Q2 2013.


Who is Who in Europe: Akamon Entertainment

By Huel Fuchsberger

Akamon Entertainment is  a young company that was created in July 2011. It is dedicated to online social gaming and specialising in traditional social casino-type games. Form Barcelona they operate mainly  in the south of Europe and Latin America. Via local portals and Facebook Akamons game are accessible  to their community. Here are more details about Akamon:

  • Name: Akamon Entertainment
  • Founded: July 2011
  • Founded by: Carlos Blanco, Vicenç Martí and other members of the board
  • Founded in: 2011
  • Funding: 1 million Euro
  • Acquisitions:
  • Number of employees: 46
  • Number of Games published: 31
  • List of Games published on Facebook:

    Artwork for Buraco


  • Describe what you do in a sentence:

    Ingame Screenshot of Chinchòn

    Akamon offers synchronoys traditional local social games to almost 8 million users in the south of Europe and Latin America via local portals, those of partners that are leaders in the online field and Facebook.

  • Games published on:
    Local web portals, Facebook, Partner portals
  • Acting as a Publisher:
    Yes , but 90% of the games are developed internally
  • Publishing games in with languages:
    Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, English
  • Game genre:
    Synchronous traditional social casino games
  • User demographics (gender) :
    Predominantly female
  • User demographics (location) :
    Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, France, Italy, Mexico, Colombia, Chile.
  • Best-selling virtual item :
    Historically, women’s haircuts. In 2012, the Halloween Costumes’ Collection
  • Most expensive virtual item :

    Ingame Screenshot of Dominos

    F.C. Barcelona and Real Madrid T-shirts for avatars for 7.500 virtual coins  (About 5€)

  • What do you see as currently most exciting trend in the industry:
    All at once conversion among all of these factors: social gaming and gambling, and among plattforms: social networks, dedicated portals and mobile.