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Spil Games Brings Multiplayer Gaming to the VZ Networks

By Gary Merrett

VZ Networks and The Dutch casual game publisher Spil Games unveiled a new social gaming feature for the VZ Network users: Zapapa Games. For the first time on VZ Network’s platforms friends can play together or compete against other friends or other users in real time, playing cooperatively or challenging them to beat their high scores. The portfolio of multiplayer games is located in one application. Users can go head-to-head in the numbers game Sevenventure, challenge their network to be the first to gather 100 carrots in the popular Harvest Honors game or try to outmaneuver their friends and be crowned the bingo expert in Qingo Bingo. 18 multiplayer games are currently available on Zapapa Games and new games and updates will be added on an ongoing basis. Also, more social features will be added in the near future, enabling players to view each other’s profiles, rack up high scores, and post comments which is not possible at this point of time. “We’ve seen the popularity of our multiplayer games on our existing websites worldwide, so we are confident they will also enhance the gaming experience of VZ Network’s community.” said Peter Driessen, CEO of Spil Games.

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