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Solitaire Castle hits 1 Million MAU

By Sebastian Sujka

Megazebra’s Solitaire Castle is about to become the biggest hit game in the Munich based social game developer’s portfolio. Solitaire Castle was launched in December 2011 and hit the one million monthly active user barrier last week. Currently, the game counts 1,100,000 monthly active users and 200,000 daily active users according to our tracking service AppStats.

Solitaire Castle is likely to continue its way up and to surpass Mahjong Trails, Megazebra’s biggest success so far (All-time high 3,344,166 MAU in June 2011 according to AppStats).

Megazebra is now one of only five European social gaming companies that have more than one million-MAU-game in the portfolio. The other four developers are Wooga,, Social Point and Ubisoft.

In Solitaire Castle you are guided by a friendly ghost to pass stages in differently themed rooms. After a room is finished you advance to the next one, clearing the haunted mansion room by room. You have five lives, one of which is used for every gaming session. The lives regenerate every six minutes.

Compared with other solitaire social games Solitaire Castle mainly sticks out with a spooky theme and more challenging gameplay. Unlike Pyramid Solitaire Saga by it is actually possible to fail and redo a level.

Solitaire Castle implements powerful social features like the trails element, passing friends on the map or receiving helpful cards from friends during a game session. The game also offers a shop and assists you less and less as you continue your game sessions trough the haunted mansion.

Solitaire is a trending game genre on for social games. Solitaire Blitz from Popcap Games (acquired by EA), Pyramid Solitaire Castle from and Solitaire Castle count 8,500,000 MAU and 2,200,000 DAU in total.

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