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Rumble Media Launches Android Game Portal

By Sebastian Sujka

Rumble Media announced today that it has launched a gaming portal solely dedicated to games for Google’s Android platform. The service allows users to download Android games directly to their device.”Android will be the next Windows. What Microsoft is for the PC is Google for the smartphone. And gaming will be at forefront of this new movement”, says David An, Founder & Managing Director of Germany based Rumble Media and continues: “Currently, the Android Market is the dominating download platform. There are some horizontal portals offering a broad spectrum of app categories. But is the first vertical gaming portal and community for Android premium game users.”

The service aims at solving the “mobile app discovery problem” which is inherent to app stores once they become too big. Independent developers are having a hard time being found in incumbent app stores just because of the sheer volume of games and competitive advertising budgets. And users on the other hand, need more reliability regarding the right choice of games. “We aim at solving the mobile app discovery problem through our editorially selected premium games in a social community environment”, explains David An. This is done by an inhouse editorial team which only selects premium Android games – violent-free and non-adult content. Further, users can register for free with their Facebook account, follow and vote other Android game developers and other friends. Developers can communicate with users via developer profile pages and user written game reviews. Games are easily installed via scanning QR codes.

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