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Red Robot Labs Premiers Its Newest Location-Based Game

By Gary Merrett

Marking the anniversary of the debut of Life Is Crime, the location-based massive multiplayer online game on Android and iOS, Red Robot Labs announces its upcoming fantasy game, Life Is Magic at this year’s Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle. Launching this fall for free on the Android and iOS platforms, Life Is Magic intertwines real-world locations with rapidly evolving social gameplay as players compete to become the most magical player in the world.

Players customize their character – a Mage, Monk or Machinist – and discover new players, monsters, dungeons, spells, quests and events around them. In Life Is Magic players can travel to anywhere the U.S. visit different cites, and interact with other players and discover new dungeons, loot and magic, while building their wealth, power and influence. With a strong focus on community, players form magic circles to fight monsters, build Magic Towers and ultimately defeat the monster horde.

“With Life Is Crime, we have seen that millions of people choose to play location-based games as fun social diversion in their daily lives as they wait in line, run errands and go to work,” said Mike Ouye, CEO and co-founder Red Robot Labs. “Life Is Magic raises the location game standard with an immersive world, 3D rendered locations, character depth and advanced social gameplay.”

An overarching theme in the game is collaboration. Teams of three players form a Magic Circle to fight monsters, collectively level up and grow the towers, as the game landscape evolves over time. In the game, the players must return riches stolen by a dark wizard to the Magic Towers they inhabit. As the gold and treasures are returned to the Towers and power is restored to the players, they train to become more powerful than those in the region where they live and across the land, in preparation for civil war.

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