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Quepasa Launches Wonderful City – Rio on Facebook

By Sebastian Sujka

Quepasa, owner of the Latino online social network and social game development studio Quepasa Games, and Mentez, the largest social gaming publisher in Latin America, have announced that Wonderful City – Rio is now available on Facebook. Wonderful City – Rio invites users to build their own virtual Rio de Janeiro, adapting the popular city-building game concept for Latin American audiences. Quepasa has previously launched the game on Quepasa and on Orkut in partnership with Mentez. Before starting the games the user is given the possibility to import his Orkut friends to join the game on Facebook. The feature reflects Orkut’s recent strong downward trend in Brazil where the network is heavily loosing users to Facebook.

Wonderful City – Rio has fast become a popular social game reaching over 1.3 million installs in May across the Orkut and platforms. In addition, Mentez reports that Wonderful City – Rio has an average of 600,000 daily active users (DAU) and these users are very active issuing over 900,000 posts/updates on a daily basis. “Wonderful City – Rio is a great example that social gamers want games that are localized for their region,” said Quepasa CEO Abbott. ” Building on the current success of the popular city-building game, Wonderful City – Rio, Quepasa Games plans to release Mexican and Colombian versions of the game to increase exposure among broader Latin American audiences. Soon, social gamers in these countries will build their own virtual cities such as Mexico City and Cartagena and feature virtual items specifically localized for these countries.

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