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Playdom Partners with i-Jet to Publish Games and Fight Piracy

By Sebastian Sujka

Social game developer Playdom and i-Jet Media, a major games publisher and distributor in Russia and Eastern Europe, signed an agreement on a strategic cooperation. From now on i-Jet will publish Playdom games in social networks across Russia, the CIS countries and Europe. The deal will make Playdom the first American developer operating on the Russian social games market. i-Jet will publish the first four Playdom games in fall 2010. Which games will be published first has not been specified yet.

i-Jet’s CEO Alexey Kostarev has no doubt that Playdom games will grow strong in Russia: “Playdom’s entry in Russia is this year’s key event for the domestic social games market. First and foremost, it means that leading developers are seeking after new markets and that is why they consider Russia to be interesting for them. I am sure that Playdom will be followed by others like Zynga, Playfish etc. We are ready to assist them.” Alexey forecasts that the Russian social market will change significantly in the near future: “The time for restructuring has come. The larger local players have become determined to start competing with foreign competitors. Additionally, the qualification standard for all Russian developers is being raised. Therefore, the market entry barrier will grow and developers that are generating trash and are not capable to provide their users with the necessary level of quality and service will disappear automatically.”

Besides publishing, the two companies expressed their mutual desire to tackle piracy on the social games market. Playdom will take over monitoring for clones and i-Jet assures not to publish any pirated copies. The new formed “anti piracy alliance” has already showed the first results: the two companies revealed one piracy case of a Chinese developer. The game has immediately been removed from a Russian social network after Playdom reported the evidence like theft of code, graphics and unique soundtracks.

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