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Planeto Brings Social Travia to iOS

By Gary Merrett

It has been very silent around Planeto for quite some time now. The company of charismatic CEO Martin Walfisz set out to build the world’s largest social game about two years ago. The ambitious project “Planeto Quiz” was a mix between RPG and a quiz but unfortunately, did not match the great expectations. The company moved on and developed a strong focus on the quiz genre. Today, Planeto resurfaces with its new game Quizboard, a promising Trivial Pursuit version for iOS.

The Swedish company itself calls the genre “social trivia”. This is how it works: Quizboard lets players take turns answering sets of five questions.  Players then navigate the game board with those questions trying to gain more points to bump up their scores: the person with the highest score when reaching the goal tile is the winner.  Question categories include sports, arts & literature, science, geography, entertainment, and history, and for each question you get right you gain an extra hundred points.

The game lets you invite your friends through Facebook or try your knowledge against a random player.  Push notifications help keep you informed of your ongoing games as well.

Martin Walfisz, Quizboard’s creator and founder of Planeto, is no newcomer to the world of games. Before starting Planeto, Martin also founded Massive Entertainment where he led the company to develop AAA titles such as Ground Control and World in Conflict. In 2008 Massive Entertainment was acquired by global publisher Ubisoft Entertainment.

“After having developed hardcore PC and console games for over twelve years, I felt that it was time to join the revolution of mobile and social gaming. At Planeto our objective is to create games that everyone in the world can enjoy,” said Martin Walfisz, “The launch of Quizboard is a pivotal part of achieving that goal.”

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