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PapayaMobile’s Social Game Engine and Social SDK Now Available On iOS

By Gary Merrett

PapayaMobile is expanding its product line by bringing their social development toolkits to the iOS platform as a beta release. All developers using Papaya’s Social Game Engine can now export both iOS and Android versions of their game from one code base. All developers that have both iOS and Android versions of their game can use Papaya’s Social SDK to connect users on both platforms for in-game features such as player challenges, game invitations and leaderboards.

Fragmented Mobile User Base
The mobile industry to date has struggled to create a social graph that is as large and engaged as those produced in the online space. This is partly due to the fragmentation of the mobile user base, with various platforms creating “pockets” of users, most notably the iOS pocket of users and the Android pocket of users. The expansion of the Papaya product line to iOS aims to connect these pockets to create a larger and more effective social graph.

Access to Chinese Mobile Market
PapayaMobile focuses on helping developers to create, promote and distribute cross-platform social games on Android and iOS.Several third-party titles such as X-City by Aidi Game, Contagion by 2Clams, and Burger Joint by Arctic Empire will be making their iOS debut on the Papaya network within the coming weeks. Furthermore, all developers using Papaya’s social tools will have access to PapayaMobile’s recently launched Gateway to China program; a free solution that localizes, distributes, and promotes western games to the Chinese mobile market.

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