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Nexon Korea Releases KartRider Dash on Facebook

By Regina Leuwer

Nexon Korea has just launched an open beta of KartRider Dash on Facebook. The announcement comes hot on the heels of Nexon’s Q1 2012 earnings report which revealed that the company has seen a 60% year-on-year revenue increase, mostly due to achieving particularly strong results in China.

KartRider Dash is based on Nexon’s original high-speed racing action KartRider, but with the added social networking features. Last year, Nexon had launched a mobile version of the franchise, KartRider Rush. On Facebook, the game allows users to play real-time kart racing with friends and other opponents selected by a match-making system.  Social features include friend invitation, sending gifts, posting game records and weekly rankings. The game balance has also been adjusted for the social platform such as the faster charge of booster gage and easier control of attack items.

KartRider Dash features various game modes including “item mode,”“speed mode,” “team mode” and “single mode.” Players will be able to meet familiar characters, tracks and karts from its original PC version along with new Facebook-only contents.

“KartRider is a great game franchise and we believe this game will provide social gamers a similar look-and-feel that the original delivered,” said Seung chan Lee, the head of the New Development Department in Nexon Korea. Lee thinks that KartRider Dash will raise the quality level of social games by offering exciting and competitive gameplay.

KartRider Dash’s performance can be tracked on our database AppStats.

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