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19Dec/12 The Social Gaming King With 11 Million Users Gained This Year

By Camilla Noon

The top ten developers of the year

A compilation of the data of the top developers of the year shows that UK developer tops the charts at the end of 2012. A review from comprehensive Facebook analysis tool, AppStats, has shown some young developers raking in users and other well-known developers failing to bring home the bacon. Let’s take a look at the developers in the capacity of the top ten gainers and losers of the year.

Who gained the most?

This year, has seen a huge increase of 11 million users that play their social games every day, daily active users (DAU). This is a huge increase and runs away with the top spot in the table. It is interesting to see the presence of European developers on the social gaming arena. Just behind are two more European developers, Peak Games and Social Point who come second and third respectively. European developers are coming into the limelight and leveling out the previously North American dominated social gaming ecosphere on Facebook.

Top Gainers of 2012 (DAU)

Peak Games has had a great year, gaining huge numbers of users in the Arab countries, they pride themselves on creating games culturally targeted to this market. In Turkey, the increased internet and Facebook usage has pushed Peak Games further up the social gaming competitor spectrum. Their current second place is due to an increased number of 6.2million DAU. Social Point has also been in the headlines of the social gaming news with increased funding for this young Spanish developer and increased popularity in the top ten tables for its games. With 5.2 million more DAU this year, it takes third place.

Who are the biggest losers?

The biggest loser is Electronic Arts. It has lost just short of 2.4million DAU this year, placing it at the top of the loser table. 6waves takes second spot, losing 1.5 million DAU. Tetris Online Inc, follows as third biggest loser with 1.29million DAU lost this year. Tetris Online Inc. is not fairing well in the charts, its social game on Facebook, Tetris Battle, also falls in the top ten biggest losers for social games.

Top Losers of 2012 (DAU)

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