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3May/12 launches New Game and Extends Saga Series with Pyramid Solitaire Saga

By Sebastian Sujka

News about do not seem to stop. Just in April the company launched their new game Candy Crush Saga and bypassed first EA and shortly after wooga in terms of daily active users. Most of’s users are playing their hit game Bubble Witch Saga but also with the help of smart cross promotion their last title Candy Crush Saga made it to over 4.4 million DAU in less than a month.

No reason to stop here for the Swedish company. Today their newest game Pyramid Solitaire Saga was released on Facebook. The game is exactly what the title promises: an Egypt/Pyramid themed solitaire game with the typical Saga element. After a plane crash the user needs to navigate the main character Helena out of the desert and goes through different episodes of the adventure. On the map the user can see his Facebook friends advancing, can send them lives and can see the end of the episode. The game launches with six different episodes with ten levels each. Each episodes new types of boosters can be unlocked like bonus tiles, extra time, extra jokers, mix of tiles, score boosters etc.

On every stepping stone on the map the user needs to solve a solitaire game. The sessions offer the well-known solitaire game play: Ancient Egypt style tiles are piled on top of each other. The tiles available for clearing are highlighted. The user gets a given tile and needs to select a tile one above or one below from the pile. If no matching tile is available the user can switch tiles. The process continues until the user runs out of tiles. Points are earned according to speed of level advance, amount of switched cards and bonus moves like Egyptian scarab bugs appearing. The bugs must be cleared before they leave the screen. Additionally tasks are assigned for each level the user reaches.

Pyramid Solitaire Saga fits smoothly into the Saga portfolio and is targeting the same audience: 35 plus and female.

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