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1Feb/12 Continues Saga Series with Hoop De Loop Saga on Facebook

By Regina Leuwer

Casual social games company today announced the launch of its fifth so-called ‘Saga’ game – the ball-shooter Hoop De Loop Saga on Facebook.
The concept of the series, which includes Bubble Witch Saga, Bubble Saga or Mahjong Saga, is turning the most successful games from’s platform into social games by adding a story to a core arcade concept while extending the games significantly. Hoop De Loop Saga comes with over 70 levels and six different game modes.’s CMO Alex Dale tells us that Hoop De Loop was chosen for a ‘Saga’ release not only because it’s one of the top performing games on but also to add genre variety.’s first ball-shooter on Facebook is a more action-driven arcade style game than previous Saga titles.

Hoop De Loop Saga introduces the story of Moxie Foxey, a young Cloud Fox, on a quest to stop a runaway ball train by shooting three matching balls. The games object is to eliminate as many balls as possible before the ball train reaches its destination. Social features include leaderboards and gifting; advanced players even get the ability to ‘craft’ their own boosters for in-game advancement and additional bonuses.

“Casual social gamers on Facebook have really taken a liking to’s ‘Saga’ games, which are now running at over 1.5 billion monthly game plays” said Riccardo Zacconi, CEO, in a press statement.
Facebook versions of casual games have turned into a very significant cross-promotion channel for’s core website, where users play against each other with real money stakes involved.

Driven by the success on Facebook, is extending the Saga series to other platforms with the recent launch of Bubble Witch Saga on Google+ Games. “We are pleased with the performance of Bubble Witch Saga on Google+,” Alex Dale tells us. might be releasing other Saga games on Google+ as well, given that the porting was relatively easy.

Alex also says that mobile versions of Saga games are in the works in their Romanian studio and will see a release “early this year”. The games will comes as native apps for iOS and Android first but other platforms are possible as well. is looking into tablet versions for iPad but is also keeping an eye on the Android tablet market which is gaining momentum with lower-priced devices such as the Kindle Fire. was founded in 2003 and has offices in London, Hamburg, Stockholm, Milan, Romania and San Francisco. The company offers over 150 games in 14 languages. started releasing social games last spring and now has more than 24 million monthly active users on Facebook.

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