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26Jul/12 Brings Bubble Witch Saga on Mobile and Incentivizes Users to Switch Platforms

By Sebastian Sujka

Europe’s largest social games company today announced the launch of the mobile version of its hit game Bubble Witch Saga for all iOS devices – iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The game Bubble Witch Saga becomes the first Facebook game with progress to fully sync to mobile and tablet devices, keeping player’s leaderboards, scores, progress and virtual goods seamless across both platforms. In Contrast to Wooga’s Diamond Dash which is also available on iOS for quite some time now Bubble Witch Saga is actually exactly the same game for Facebook or iOS. To illustrate, Diamond Dash translates its 9×10 grid in Facebook into a 7×9 grind on iOS, resulting in a slightly different gameplay.  In Bubble Witch Saga also not only leaderboards are synchronized but also game progress, including virtual goods possession.

According to CMO Alex Dale will continue to bring their titles on iOS. Bubble Witch Saga was developed in the Bucharest Studio, Dale expects the next iOS versions to be rolled out quicker than the first one. For Bubble Witch Saga a lot of code was used from the online game version.’s casual social games are well suited to perform well on iOS as they allow the same gaming experience due to a lack of complexity.

An interesting feature is’s solution to accustom users to switch platforms: users can continue their game if they switch the platform as they receive additional lives.

With over 4 million daily active users on Facebook (AppStats), Bubble Witch Saga is one of the top casual social games and the largest non-Zynga game on the platform. The game invites players to become the fourth witch in the circle by bursting the bubbles to spawn enough spiders to keep the cauldron bubbling. Players can rise up the leaderboards and challenge friends’ high scores in hundreds of levels, with new ones added each week. And with the new, fully synchronized mobile version, players will be able to play anytime, anywhere – picking up right where they left off.

“As consumers and the industry focus more on games for mobile devices, launching a truly cross-platform Facebook game has been a top priority for,” CEO Riccardo Zacconi, commented.

The Android version is expected to launch later this year along with additional mobile versions from the company’s popular Saga series.

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