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IST Introduces Paid Partner Program in Social Game Trophy Slots

By Sebastian Sujka

IST, the developer behind Trophy Slots has announced the introduction of a paid partner program, where social gamers can earn real money by promoting the game online. By partnering with the app, gamers have the chance to start earning cash from their extensive social networks. The program works on a revenue share basis, with partners taking 10% commission (after Facebook fees) of the net revenue generated by all new players they refer.

Each Partner is provided with a unique Trophy Slots URL when they sign up for the program. This URL is then be used to promote the game within their network of contacts and new players are tracked within the game using the Partner’s unique refer code. Reports are sent out to Partners weekly, including information on how much they have earned so far.

“We’re really excited about the introduction of the Trophy Slots Partner Program, as we believe it is a great way for us to grow our player base, whilst also building lasting relationships with the some of the most influential gamers in the sector. We have some great brand advocates already on board and we wanted to create an initiative where these individuals could be rewarded for the hard work they put into promoting the app.” , IST Community Manager Joey Steel tells us.

The Trophy Slots Partner Program is aimed at all social network users who have a large number of contacts.  “Plenty of brands seek out influencers to promote their product in return for freebies. The difference here is that we are offering influential social gamers the chance to actually monetize the networks that they have spent so long building up. Their promotion is valuable and we believe that they should be paid for it.”, IST Marketing Manager Jones comments.

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