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i-Jet Media Publishes Social Games in Korea and Vietnam

By Sebastian Sujka

Social game publisher i-Jet Media launched their first games on Asian social networks this month. “Wild West Trains” and “Airport” were published on Vietnam’s social network, and Farm of Happiness was made available on South Korea’s Cyworld ( I-Jet continues its expansion into local social games markets around the world. “The significant number of Internet and social networks users makes the Asian market very attractive to social gaming companies. By systematically connecting Asian local social networks to our own platform, we allow social game developers to grasp new big opportunities”, said Alexey Kostarev, CEO and Co-founder of i-Jet Media.

Previously, I-Jet launched several games on Friendster – a popular social network in Asia. Games included Wild West Trains, Farm Frenzy, Farm of Happiness, Sim Hospital, City Gangs, Airport, and Pirates of the Caribbean. In addition, i-Jet Media published Farm Frenzy and Wild West Trains on a Taiwanese social network, MiniK. With 3 million users is the second largest social network in Vietnam. “Cyworld is South Korea’s largest social network. It operates within the framework of which is one of the country’s most popular web portals. Cyworld’s audience amounts to 25 million users compared to 3.5 million facebook users.” the company states.  I-Jet also announced to keep on extending its distribution network in Asia by connecting to Japanese, Thai and Korean social networks.

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