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i-Jet Media Publishes “Pet a Pet” on Odnoklassniki

By Sebastian Sujka

Russian publisher i-Jet Media has launched the new social game “Pet a Pet” (“Zveriki” in Russian) on the Russian social network Odnoklassniki. The game has been developed by the Russian game developer Akella and registered over 45 thousand installs on the day of the launch. With reported 200 new users every minute i-Jet and Akella are confident that Pet a Pet will become a Top 5 game on Odnoklassniki.

With its 3D graphics Pet a Pet sticks out from the i-Jet portfolio. The goal of the realistic graphics is higher emotional involvement. Players are meant to live with their virtual pets, to walk and feed them or stroke them by scrolling the mouse. These features have been developed specially for children who want to look after their own pets. After giving the game testing time in Russia i-Jet plans to bring the game to Europe. Pet a Pet is subscription-based, which is an unfamiliar monetization model for social games. However, General Producer of i-Jet Alexey Kostarev is convinced that the subscription will be more successful than other existing models.

Russian developer Akella produces social games as well as educational games. Pet a Pet is the project that is meant to combine both. It is supposed to be of interest for parents willing to test or increase their children’s sense of responsibility which reminds of the Tamagotchi movement. Pet a Pet was first presented on the Russian Game Developers Conference and was nominated for the best online project. Although the development costs of the game are not disclosed, Pet a Pet is rumored to be the most expensive one ever produced in Russia.

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