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I-Jet Launches in Hungary

By Sebastian Sujka

This week i-Jet published games on the Hungarian social network iWiW. The first Russian social games that are launched on iWiW are “City Gangs” and “Farm Frenzy”. iWiW is the most popular Hungarian social network with 4.7 million registered users: This is stronger than Facebook which has 2.2 million users in Hungary.

City Gangs is a mafia genre game. Players begin their criminal careers, set up virtual gangs of their friends and complete various missions. Farm Frenzy is one of the most popular social games in Russia. Developed by an Alawar Entertainment studio it is being relaunched in a new format. City Gangs has been already published on 16 social networks. Farm Frenzy has been live on nine social networks already.

From i-Jet CEO Alexey Kostarev’s point of view diversity of platforms is the key of success for social game developers: “We are seeing already that leading positions in the market are being taken by studios who do not depend on one or two single social networks. Those players have already managed to gain significant shares on several local markets. Next year, the overwhelming majority of developers will not be able to earn enough money with their games if they are live only on one or two social networks.”

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