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Who is Who in Europe: Geewa

By Huel Fuchsberger

Geewa is a social gaming developer founded in Prague, Czech Republic. Their flagship game, Pool Live Tour, is the most popular pool game on Facebook with over 11M monthly active users. Social Games Observer talked to them to find out more.

Name: Geewa

Where founded: Founded in Prague, Czech Republic. Offices also in Berlin, Germany and Brno, Czech Republic

Founded by: Milos Endrle

Founded in: 2005

Funding: Yes, 1.15M € in 07/2007, MCI Investments (Series A)

Pirates Poker Screenshot

Acquisitions: Yes, CUKETA studio (developed Age of Defenders), 09/2012

Number of employees: 60

Number of Games published: 3 main + 20 more minigames at

List of Games published: Main games are:

Pool Live Tour

Pirates Poker

Age of Defenders

Describe what you do in a sentence: We develop and publish casual competitive multiplayer games for online and mobile platforms.

Pool Live Tour Screenshot

Games published on: Online (browser based), mobile (iOS, Android)

Working with publisher: No, self-published

Acting as a Publisher: Yes, for itself and partners at

Publishing games in with languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Polish, Italian, Indonesian, Portuguese, Serbian, Turkish, Czech, Arabic

Game genre/s: Casual competitive and tower defense

User demographics (gender): 75% male

Pool Live Tour Screenshot

User demographics (location): Turkey, Argentina, USA, Indonesia, Egypt

Best-selling virtual item: Special edition cues in Pool Live Tour, which come out regularly in bi-weekly intervals

Most expensive virtual item: Largest coins package in Pool Live Tour for 120 USD

What do you see as currently most exciting trend in the industry: The move to free-to-play model across the board and the need to find new avenues of monetization.

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