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Game of the Week – Pet Vegas Bets on Cuteness to Win Female Gamers

By Regina Leuwer

Pet Vegas marks Crowdpark’s first social casino game on Facebook and currently the most successful of the Berlin-based developer’s three titles on the platform (the other two being 90Live – Football Game at 50,000 and Bet Tycoon at 30,000 monthly active users). Pet Vegas addresses two core human desires – winning (virtual) cash and looking at cute animals.

Title: Pet Vegas
Developer: Crowdpark
Genre: Casino
Launch: February 2012
Language(s): English
Active users (Facebook): 260,000 MAU, 20,000 DAU
Monetization: Free-to-play with paid premium currency

How to play

Pet Vegas is a classic slot machine game that is themed around a group of cartoon pets.

Users bet virtual coins but also earn XP which each spin to level up and unlock new slot machines as well as maximum bets and number of pay lines activated. Coins and other features such as autospin and several boosters can be purchased with Facebook Credits. Inviting friends secures extra bonuses and players can send each other gifts.

The game runs smoothly and has polished graphics, however all the slot machine features are pretty standard.

What sets Pet Vegas apart from other slot titles is its cute animal theme. The pets add a nice and warm touch to the otherwise cold business of raking in money in casinos. This holds especially true for several of the minigames apart from the actual slots which feature card-dealing dogs and other adorable little creatures. It’s a rather clever combination.

Scientist found that looking at something cute triggers a natural high in the human brain, while slot machines are known for being the most addictive of all the ways humans have designed to gamble – some reasons for this being the random variable payouts, increased arousal through sound and light effects, and instant gratification.

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