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Game of the Week – Lost Jewels

By Huel Fuchsberger

Istanbul-based publisher and developer Peak Games mainly focuses on the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey but also release a game for the western market – Lost Jewels is one of those games. After Lost Bubble it is the second entry of the in-house developed “Lost” series. And with Lost Jewels Peak Games is off to a good start as past weeks #3 top gainer on the AppStats leaderboard.

Developer: Peak Games
Best in-app purchase
: 12 Moves (0.50€)
Genre:  Puzzle
Languages:  English
Platforms:  Facebook
Active users (Facebook): 560,00 MAU 260,000 DAU

How to Play

By matching stones of the same color in groups of at least 3 the player solves puzzles similar to other match-3 games. A difference in Lost Jewels is that not only lines bigger that 4 create special stones – matching stones in “L”,“T”,“U” and “S” shapes create bonus stones that have special abilities.

To proceed from level to level, the player has to solve 3 sublevels. The goal in the sublevels is to get treasure chests from the top of the field to the bottom. Additionally, collecting a certain amount of gems is required to pass. All of this has to be accomplished with a limited amount of moves. This makes up a challenging game. After the tutorial levels and some easy starters, the difficulty increases notably.

In the Magic Shop the player can purchase talismans. Talismans are bonus stones that appear randomly on the field and make it easier to solve a sublevel. Some are available for game coins and others for Facebook credits. Differently than in other games those talismans can be purchased while playing a sublevel. Those talismans are already very helpful, but even more valuable are the extra moves the player can buy.

The end-game saver

Due to the many conditions that have to be met to pass a level, it is very likely not to meet all of them in the given move limit. If the player runs out of moves he can purchase extra ones. In many cases those can help him to finishing an almost solved level. This end-game purchase can save a game the player has the felling is heading somewhere. It turns the purchase into a tactical tool that can be used precisely when needed. Therefore it is no wonder that moves are Lost Jewels’ top in-app purchase according to the AppCenter.

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