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Facebook News This Week: Top Pages&Apps, Facebook Credits Gift Cards and Expansion in Asia

By Gary Merrett

Top 5 Most Liked Pages On Facebook Fall 2010
Entertainment generates a lot of money and interest, both on Facebook and in the “real world”. The top 5 list on most liked pages on Facebook this fall is dominated by music, television shows and games. “Texas Holdém Poker”, by Zynga dominates with a massive fan base comprised of 25.556.954 Likers. 2nd place is held by none other than Facebook itself, the company has managed to attract 23,617,053 Likers through its official page. 3rd place with 22.424.494 Likers is held by the Michael Jackson Page, the departed singer now more popular than ever. Lady Gaga’s official page is on 4th place with 21.329.592 Likers, and at 5th and final place the popular animated comedy series Family Guy resides with 19,898,829 Likers total.

Facebook Prompts Users To Add More Like Pages
Facebook is running a prompt which encourages users with few pages to add more pages, in order to be more socially active on the network and to generate more Likes. A part from the prompt Facebook also shows your Likes in common with your friends in order to make users more connective.

This Week’s Top Five Gaining Facebook Apps
“Instant Jam” is at this week’s number one with 689.892 monthly active users. At second place with 563.697 users is an application called “Chi Ti Segue”, which enables users to see which Facebook friends are online even if your chat is offline. In third place with 547.561 users we find “BRAAAINS”, giving the user control over a group of Zombies. “My Most Used Words” holds residence at number 4 with 946.677 users. Number five is inhabited by “Wheel Of Fortune”, an American game show with 641.360 monthly users.

The 5 Most Explosive Facebook Applications This Week
“Crime City” is at 1st place with 824.628 users, and lets the user become a mafia member. The search engine “Bing” is on 2nd place with 699.748 users, making it possible to search directly through Facebook. Zynga’s game “Warstorm”, a strategy game set in a fantasy world is on 3rd place with 451.136 users. “My Empire”, allowing users to create an empire, landed on 4th place with 439.992 users.  “Badoo”, the chat for meeting new people scored 377.468 users and settles for a 5th place.

Facebook Has Its Eyes On Thailand
In October last year, Facebook reported it had 5.4 million users in Thailand, a country which displays the third highest 12 month growth-rate, with an increase of 320 percent since last September. Facebook already has ways of reaching out to the general population because of deals with several big companies, and could, if successful increase its user-base with 66 million Thai.

International Growth And Vietnam On Facebook’s Radar
Facebook is hiring a Policy and Growth Manager in Vietnam in order to increase user levels and to maintain a steady growth world-wide. Facebook is experiencing problems in Vietnam due to policies issued by the government. Facebook is currently blocked and is inaccessible in 70 percent of the time, but the company is hoping to be able to reach out to government officials and create better relations in Vietnam.

New Micropayment Service Coming To Facebook
An easier way for users to manage micropayments directly through Facebook is on the way, and will be fully integrated later this fall. PayPal’s payment system for VirtualGoods, allows the user to pay directly, without having to leave the site or game they are in, making it faster and easier to use for gamers buying virtual goods. A small fee of $5 cents will be charged for transactions under $12 dollars.

Convert Gift Cards Into Facebook Credits
Gift card exchange service Plastic Jungle has launched a partnership with PayPal, allowing users to sell gift cards to Plastic Jungle. The goal is to offer a service where users can redeem gift cards online instead of mailing them. With the new system, gift cards can be converted into Facebook Credits much simpler and faster. 5-8% of all gift cards are not redeemed which translates into $30 billion in unused balances, money that could increase commerce if used.

Facebook Credits Gift Cards Now Available In Selected Stores
Facebook users can now buy Facebook Credit gift cards at Best Buy and WallMart, allowing the buyer to purchase special items for their games or applications. Allowing users to purchase Credits off-line is a big step for Facebook in their plans to expand the Credit system.

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