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20Apr/12 or Wooga – Who is Europe’s Number 1?

By Regina Leuwer

In the history of social games there seems to have been only one global number one: Zynga. But there are several companies fighting for the second spot – and interestingly the two hardest competitors right now are from Europe:, headquartered in London with offices all over the continent, and Berlin-based Wooga.
This week, announced it had overtaken Wooga to become Europe’s number one. Let’s take a look at the numbers:, whose most popular Facebook game is Bubble Witch Saga, now has 10,446,002 daily active users (DAU) putting it ahead of Wooga at 10,280,501 DAU.

Click to enlarge’s performance is particularly impressive because King launched its first Facebook game just over a year ago. According to the company, the number of times King’s games are played each month has risen from 300 million to more than 2.5 billion.
When looking at monthly active users (MAU), Wooga is still in the lead with 44,669,005 MAU, has 39,750,020 MAU.

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Usually, the DAU number is considered the more relevant one because it indicates users are actively returning to a game – so it would be fair to say that wins this round due to a boost in DAU caused by the release of Candy Crush Saga last week.
Wooga hasn’t released a new game in a while but the German developer has been growing steadily and is likely to bounce back.
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