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EA and Facebook Sign Five-Year Agreement

By Gary Merrett

Electronic Arts yesterday announced it has entered into a five-year strategic relationship with Facebook. Under the terms of the agreement, Facebook Credits will become the exclusive payment method in EA games on Facebook. Pet Society and Restaurant City from Playfish, a division of EA after the acquisition early this year, continue to be two of the top 10 games on Facebook measured by daily active users, and EA has extended two of its most popular sports franchises into successful social gaming experiences, which are now leading soccer and football games on Facebook. The company also recently announced the upcoming launch of the latest execution of the world’s favorite family game brand Monopoly for Facebook.

“Since gaming has emerged as the most popular category of applications on Facebook, the natural next step is for EA to broaden its relationship with Facebook and its 500 million users,” said Barry Cottle, Senior Vice President and General Manager for EA Interactive. As part of the agreement, EA will receive the same 70 percent revenue share for Facebook Credits as is standard for all developers on Facebook.

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