The Latest News on the Social Games Market in Europe and Emerging Markets


Who is Who in Europe: PlaySpace

By Huel Fuchsberger

Founded and based in Palma de Mallorca the Spanish developer and publisher PlaySpace creates traditional games for the Spanish speaking market.  The company reaches those users over social networks and mobile platforms. Genres PlaySpace offers are multiplayer board, card and casino games. Here are more details about PlaySpace:

  • Name: PlaySpace
  • Founded: Founded and based on Palma de Mallorca, Spain
  • Founded by: Alfonso Villar and Enrique Dubois
  • Founded in: June 2011

    Pachis Ingame Screenshot

  • Funding: 1,5 M €
  • Acquisitions: No
  • Number of employees: 18
  • Number of Games published: 6
  • List of Games published on Facebook:
    Parchis PlaySpace
    Domino PlaySpace
    Bingo PlaySpace
    Luno PlaySpace
    La Oca PlaySpace
    Chinchon PlaySpace
  • Describe what you do in a sentence:
    PlaySpace brings traditional games such as Ludo, Dominoes, Bingo, Oca, Chinchon, Luno, etc. to social networks and mobile platforms focusing on Spain and LatinAmerica.

    Luno Ingame Screenshot

  • Games published on: Facebook, Tuenti, iOS
  • Acting as a Publisher: Yes
  • Working with publisher: No
  • Publishing games in with languages:
    Spanish, English and Portuguese

    Bingo Ingame Screenshot

  • Game genre: Real time multiplayer board, card and casino games
  • User demographics (gender) :
    60% female and 40% male
  • User demographics (location) : Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela and USA.
  • Best-selling virtual item :
    Points Multiplier x2 – 0,70 € (Parchis game)
  • Most expensive virtual item :
    Kill pawn with dog 10,10 € (Parchis game)
  • What do you see as currently most exciting trend in the industry:
    The convergence of all game genres and audience on mobile platforms.

Game of the Week: Baseball Heroes

By Huel Fuchsberger

Released in April 2012 the Facebook sports game Baseball Heroes has now 2.400.000 MAU and 410.000 DAU on The Korean developer Syntasia created a baseball social game with an anime-style that looks appealing and offers interesting game play.

Developer/Publisher:  Syntasia
Genre:  Sport
Languages:  English, Indonesian, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, Korean
Best-selling Item:  Special Batter Energy Reset ($0,15)
Platforms:   Facebook
Active users (Facebook):  2.400.000 MAU 410.000 DAU

How to play

Baseball Heroes has several layers of game play. Into which the player is introduce step by step. The player begins with creating a team and his avatar. After the creation and customization part the first game of the season awaits.

Before the action takes place on the green, the player has to pick his line up for the match. This segment of the game is handled like a trading card game. The player can buy booster pack to acquire special players and use them to improve his line up’s strength. Those special players can be enhanced or in pairs of three, traded in for better cards. Also friend’s avatars can be added to the line up. After setting up the Team, the match begins.

Here the player is introduced to the match game play. It is a reaction game in which the player only plays out the hits of his avatar during the match. To hit the incoming ball the player tries to click on the ball in a grid. For a home run, accuracy and timing must be spot on. If not, the hit could be enough to reach a base or lead to fly out. There is a combo-meter available that if fully charged leads immediately to a home run if the ball is hit by the player.

After the matches players can manage their players, the team and the stadium. Upgrades to the stadium lead to more cash that can be collected by selling tickets. This coin can be spend to purchase better gear for the avatar or better players for the line up.

A strong game for those who pay

Baseball Heroes is a well crafted social sports game in many regards. Even though the anime-style may not be for everyone, the underlying game play is worth taking a look. Only thing spoiling the fun is the need for payment. Even though the game play can be addictive, if the player doesn’t invest into the game, the experience is very different. In some cases this can’t be compensated by inviting friends, but not always. This is in particular the case for gear. It is so powerful that it creates a significant imbalance. This can be especially felt when the first free bat runs out. Winning a match afterward is way harder. It gives the game an unpleasant “pay to win” aftertaste. These cases of imbalance are seldom but feel displeasing.


Israel: Top Five Social Games Developers

By Camilla Noon

Here we focus on the top five social games developers in Israel according to our Facebook analysis tool, AppStats.  Let’s look at the top five in a little more detail.  In fifth place, developer Funtactix sees a decline in monthly active users (MAU) and daily active users (DAU) this month with its most-played game, The Hunger Games Adventures, based on the popular novel and film, showing a similar fall in numbers.

Developer Dragonplay holds fourth place with its three social gambling games whilst, not far ahead, diwip takes third place with its social gambling game Best Casino.

In at second place, Plarium sees its MAU just shy of two and a quarter million whilst the DAU reach 413,350.  With its top RPG games Total Domination and Stormfall: Age of War, Plarium has a largely male demographic with male users tallying up to over 75%.

Heading the table, Tel Aviv-based developer Playtika sees 2,484,000 daily active users (DAU) and 8,330,000 monthly active users (MAU).  The developer also enjoys an impressive stickiness (MAU divided by DAU) of approximately 30%.

Playtika stickiness

Now owned by casino giant Caesars, the majority of Playtika users play the social gambling game Slotomania which also sees a high stickiness rating that hovers over the 30% mark.  Interestingly, Playtika sees a majority of its user demographic (about one third) falling into the 46+ age category.

The tables below show the top five developers in Israel according to MAU and DAU according to information provided by AppStats.

Top Game Developers in Israel according to MAU

Top Game Developers in Israel according to DAU


Who is Who in Europe: Pretty Simple

By Huel Fuchsberger

Criminal Case is the newest  game on Facebook from Pretty Simple. Founded in 2010 the company released until now three games that cover the casual, hidden object and arcade genres. With the manpower of 30 employees they manage to reach about one million users per month according to AppStats. Here are more details about Pretty Simple:

  • Name: Pretty Simple
  • Founded: Paris (France)
  • Founded by: Corentin Raux and Bastien Cazenave
  • Founded in: 2010
  • Funding: Yes, € 2.8 million
  • Acquisitions: No
  • Number of employees: 30
  • Number of Games published: 3
  • List of Games published on Facebook:
    My Shops
    Magical Ride
    Criminal Case

    Ingame Screenshot of "My Shop"

  • Describe what you do in a sentence: Create original and fun games on Facebook.
  • Games published on: Facebook
  • Acting as a Publisher: No
  • Working with Publisher: No
  • Publishing games in with languages: English
  • Game genres: Casual, Hidden Object and Arcade
  • User demographics (gender) : Female 67%, Male 33%
  • User demographics (location) : Worldwide (Americas 20%, EMEA 30%, Asia 40%, Oceania 10%)
  • Best-selling virtual item : Instant delivery (30 cents, My Shops)
  • Most expensive virtual item : Customization items ($29, My Shops)

    Ingame Screenshot of "Magical Ride"

  • What do you see as currently most exciting trend in the industry:
    We think that the current most exciting trend in the industry is the fast-paced growth of a pool of new gamers, notably older female users, and the strong potential lying therein.

Actiplay acquires Telaxo

By Huel Fuchsberger

Last week the Actiplay  which is part of the french Concours Mania Group acquired Telaxo, France’s n° 1 publisher and one of the world’s Top 10 game publishers on Facebook in terms of audience.  The acquisition of Telaxo is a decisive step in the group’s development. Gaming on Facebook has become a must and generates big audiences: with this takeover Actiplay has rolls out its gaming campaigns across all media.

Telaxo is based in Orléans and  is a publisher specialized in casual gaming. With this acquisition  Actiplay improves their capabilities in the production and adaptation of games in the Facebook environment. With an offering of almost 130 games published on social media, Telaxo has a total audience of nearly 17 million active users per month.

Actiplay is based in Bordeaux and provides support to its clients in the marketing of online gaming campaigns and publishes its own gaming websites for the public.


Who is Who in Europe: Akamon Entertainment

By Huel Fuchsberger

Akamon Entertainment is  a young company that was created in July 2011. It is dedicated to online social gaming and specialising in traditional social casino-type games. Form Barcelona they operate mainly  in the south of Europe and Latin America. Via local portals and Facebook Akamons game are accessible  to their community. Here are more details about Akamon:

  • Name: Akamon Entertainment
  • Founded: July 2011
  • Founded by: Carlos Blanco, Vicenç Martí and other members of the board
  • Founded in: 2011
  • Funding: 1 million Euro
  • Acquisitions:
  • Number of employees: 46
  • Number of Games published: 31
  • List of Games published on Facebook:

    Artwork for Buraco


  • Describe what you do in a sentence:

    Ingame Screenshot of Chinchòn

    Akamon offers synchronoys traditional local social games to almost 8 million users in the south of Europe and Latin America via local portals, those of partners that are leaders in the online field and Facebook.

  • Games published on:
    Local web portals, Facebook, Partner portals
  • Acting as a Publisher:
    Yes , but 90% of the games are developed internally
  • Publishing games in with languages:
    Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, English
  • Game genre:
    Synchronous traditional social casino games
  • User demographics (gender) :
    Predominantly female
  • User demographics (location) :
    Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, France, Italy, Mexico, Colombia, Chile.
  • Best-selling virtual item :
    Historically, women’s haircuts. In 2012, the Halloween Costumes’ Collection
  • Most expensive virtual item :

    Ingame Screenshot of Dominos

    F.C. Barcelona and Real Madrid T-shirts for avatars for 7.500 virtual coins  (About 5€)

  • What do you see as currently most exciting trend in the industry:
    All at once conversion among all of these factors: social gaming and gambling, and among plattforms: social networks, dedicated portals and mobile.