The Latest News on the Social Games Market in Europe and Emerging Markets


AppStats MySpace: YoVille Reaches 8 Million Users

By Sebastian Sujka

There’s not much happening in the MySpace games section . The order in which the games are presented is exactly the same as last week and practically every title, except for “Friend Factory” displays a minimal gain. Our top gainer this week is “YoVille” with a 0.21% gain and with a fan-base of over 8 million players. “Let’s Get Married” is also doing better than the rest with a 0.15% increase. Other than that, the list offers no surprises at all.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon MobstersPlaydom15.043.557+0.06%
2.icon Mafia WarsZynga13.438.915+0.01%
3.icon YoVilleZynga8.005.333+0.21%
4.icon Zynga PokerZynga7.271.631+0.06%
6.icon MoviesFlixter5.875.581+0.006%
7.icon Cheers!!BitRhymes5.637.009+0.02%
8.icon VampiresZynga5.319.502+0.07%
9.icon Street RacingZynga4.634.710+0.002%
10.icon Sorority LifePlaydom3.711.899+0.04%
11.icon WSOP PokerPlaydom3.467.739+0.04%
12.icon Let’s Get MarriedLudicBits3.318.956+0.15%
13.icon OverdrivePlaydom2.711.106+0.01%
14.icon BloodlinesPlaydom2.000.270+0.04%
15.icon Fashion WarsZynga1.927.252+0.02%
16.icon Pet SocietyPlayfish1.491.040+0.11%
17.icon Special ForcesZynga1.482.195+0.02%
18.icon Friend FactoryZynga1.457.826-0.0002%
19.icon Pirates Rule The CaribbeanZynga1.375.786+0.02%
20.icon VegasTapjoy1.341.690+0.08%

AppStats Tuenti: Gameloft Enters With Green Farm

By Kris Öst

The Tuenti network is really up and down at the moment. Games are switching places, entering and disappearing from the list almost weekly it seems. This time “Texas a lo Grande” takes over the lead thanks to a 10.59% gain. “Towner” is dropping like a stone, losing 9.37% and is therefore on 2nd place. We have a new entry from Gameloft and their title “Green Farm” on 10th place. The list presented this week consists mainly of negative numbers, with “Waka Waka” as our biggest loser with a 28.68% decrease. “Slide” is also falling hard with an 11.33% decrease and “Antivirus” is doing worse with an 11.53% loss this week.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon Texas a lo GrandeMetrogames819.704+10.59%
2.icon TownerMetrogames798.260-9.37%
3.icon FishdomPlayrix772.021-0.87%
4.icon PooltasticMetrogames549.096-5.96%
5.icon Frog StreetMetrogames345.954-7.09%
6.icon CatapultMetrogames285.750+1.68%
7.icon My RainforestMetrogames246.612-1.47%
8.icon Fishing WarsMetrogames206.005-10.31%
9. AquaballMetrogames204.132-7.58%
10. Green FarmGameloft200.454new
11.icon Magic SpidersMetrogames161.926-8.93%
12.icon BiotronicMetrogames155.399-8.05%
13.icon Gold SweeperMetrogames146.437-9.01%
14.icon Chess KnightMetrogames135.037-8.56%
15.icon Jai LaiMetrogames117.249-9.64%
16.icon Waka WakaMetrogames107.390-28.68%
17.icon Pro BoxingMetrogames90.550-10.29%
18.icon SlideMetrogames84.502-11.33%
19.icon Crazy BottlingMetrogames80.165-10.41%
20.icon AntivirusMetrogames78.636-11.53%

AppStats Lokalisten: Pet Party Continues On Its Way To The Top

By Kris Öst

Plinga’s”Pet Party” continues to be the top gaining game present on Lokalisten at the moment. This week the title gains more than 2600 new users, translating into an incredible 38.71% increase. The Plinga title climbs one placement, and is now located on 10th place. “Plants to Scarecrows” is another title doing well for itself this week with a 3.03% increase, and although the title is located on 19th place it has the chance to gain a few placements if the positive trend continues. On the negative side all “Frohe Ernte” titles loses ground this week, but our biggest loser is “gimigames” with a 0.66% decrease.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon Frohe ErnteElex95.278-0.05%
2.icon gimigames Live Spielegimigames46.425-0.66%
3.icon Goodgame CaféGoodgame Studios26.858+1.52%
4.icon TraumstadtElex20.431+0.005%
5.icon Frohe Ernte 2Elex18.387-0.04%
6.icon Frohe Ernte 3Elex18.000-0.30%
7.icon Café TimeElex17.869+0.93%
8.icon Crazy HospitalElex15.323-0.37%
9.icon Cute PigElex11.782+0.47%
10.icon Pet PartyPlinga9.625+38.71%
11.icon Quiz-FightQuiz-Fabrik8.347-0.11%
12.icon Goodgame MafiaGoodgame Studios6.604+2.45%
13.icon Das Quiz-RennenQuiz-Fabrik5.655-0.21%
14.icon Goodgame FarmerGoodgame Studios4.790+0.19%
15.icon Super Texas HoldemElex4.689+2.63%
16.icon Winning GoalElex4.591+0.46%
17.icon Goodgame PokerGoodgame Studios4.392+2.12%
18.icon POPMOGGameGenetics3.546-0.54%
19.icon Plants to ScarecrowsElex3.098+3.03%
20.icon Goodgame HeroesGoodgame Studios2.752+0.36%

AppStats NK: The Games Section Is Shrinking

By Sebastian Sujka

Big changes are currently happening on the Nazsa Klasa network with several games disappearing, leaving only 19 left for us to observe. “Crazy Charly”, “Funtris”, “Moja Szkola” and “Turtle Squad” are the ones missing in action leaving several new entries on the top 20 which actually is a top 19 for the moment. New entries are: “Goodgame Mafia”, “GameDesire” and “Goodgame Poker”. We have two really strong Plinga gainers this week. “Rural Life” is gaining 15.22% and the newly added title is experiencing massive popularity. “Forest Adventure” is another title doing really well and building up its fan-base, increasing it by 23.42% since last week.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon Pet PartyPlinga3.059.113+1.74%
2.icon Icy TowerPlinga2.926.085+1.07%
3.icon Happy HarvestElex2.379.254+0.87%
4.icon Mafiai-Jet1.714.691+0.56%
5.icon FishdomPlayrix1.297.371+6.39%
6.icon Rural LifePlinga1.069.910+15.22%
7.icon Goodgame CaféGoodgame Studios1.045.239+3.02%
8.icon Social City101XP986.098+5.59%
9.icon Treasure StoryPlinga960.863+2.46%
10.icon Test DrivePlay882.234+4.35%
11.icon Wild West Trainsi-Jet876.878+2.47%
12.icon Forest AdventurePlinga789.154+23.42%
13.icon Paradise Resort101XP761.135+4.09%
14.icon Świat DanioDanio700.733+1.91%
15.icon Texas Holdém PokerPlinga691.138+1.62%
16.icon Goodgame FarmerGoodgame Studios628.474+2.58%
17.icon Goodgame MafiaGoodgame Studios557.037new
18.icon GameDesireGanymede347.041new
19.icon Goodgame PokerGoodgame Studios291.952new

ATLAS Interactive Reinforces its involvement in the USA

By Sebastian Sujka

ATLAS Interactive has expanded its service range in North America. The focus of the existing subsidiary in Miami is now shifting to the booming game industry in order to meet the needs of more and more American companies using the services of the German provider for Premium SMS, Voice, and Web Billing. ATLAS Interactive has been offering a wide range of mobile payment solutions for over 15 years. In order to provide more comprehensive and direct services in the US, the company will open a new office in San Francisco in 2011 to have a west coast presence.

Alan Vejan, a Sales Manager of ATLAS Interactive from Hamburg, will manage the setup of the subsidiary in San Francisco in the coming months as the International Sales Strategy Manager. Both US offices will contribute the use of payment solutions in the North American game industry. “The games industry is an important industry for us. As our customer basis in the US and Canada has been steadily growing, now nothing is standing in the way to expand our presence in North America”, says Marco Priewe, CEO of ATLAS.


AppStats Orkut: Guitar Flash Top Gainer

By Kris Öst

Things are looking more positive on Orkut this week, with more games on the gaining side. “Guitar Flash” is doing really well this week with a 1.69% increase, making it our top gainer. “Café Mania” is also doing well with a 1.59% increase but is still nowhere near grabbing the 2nd place from “Mini Farm”. “Café Time” on place 17 is also gaining big this week with 0.90%. “Bola Social Soccer” on the other hand is still losing, this time with 1.39%, placing the title on spot 9 but who knows for how long.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon Happy HarvestElex22.045.159+0.06%
2.icon Mini FarmVostu17.640.505+0.57%
3.icon Café ManiaVostu13.365.708+1.59%
4.icon Football LegendsVostu4.004.375-0.45%
5.icon Happy Harvest 2Elex3.753.593-0.55%
6.icon Guitar Flashgamesx2.168.486+1.69%
7.icon Vida RockColorCube Games2.053.809-0.55%
8.icon Resort TropicalPlaydom/Mentez1.942.989+0.41%
9.icon Bola Social SoccerPlaydom/Mentez1.712.126-1.39%
10.icon SlapsterGames2Win1.432.225+0.16%
11.icon HousekingBoyaa Interactive1.372.617-0.17%
12.icon MindJolt GamesMindJolt1.364.740+0.24%
13.icon GTA UndergroundMICOIA1.317.627-0.09%
14.icon Super Mario WorldMICOIA1.301.780+0.26%
15.icon GTA Vice CityMICOIA1.067.313+0.56%
16.icon Wheel Wheeladquick1.063.677+0.38%
17.icon Cafe TimeElex1.008.334+0.90%
18.icon OK Jogosgamesx977.739+0.37%
19.icon Super Mario FlashSrJogos970.171+0.82%
20.icon Happy Harvest 3Elex948.262+0.73%

Adknowledge Launches Mobile Monetization Solution for Social Games and Applications

By Sebastian Sujka

Adknowledge today announced its venture into the mobile ecosystem with the release of its Android SDK. The new Android SDK provides publishers with the ability to maximize earnings per user, gives consumers the ability to acquire virtual currency in multiple ways and provides advertisers with new channels to reach their target market. As the leading long tail advertiser marketplace, Adknowledge connects advertisers to consumers in hard-to reach places on the Web, including email, search, domains and social networks. In addition, through its Super Rewards division, the company has led the revolution in the monetization of games on social networks and standalone sites.

“Subscription, banner and paid download models have proven to be challenging ways to monetize many mobile games and apps,” said Chris Smutny, general manager of Adknowledge’s game division. “However, the free-to-play model is proving itself to be a powerful way to monetize games. We have seen the success of F2P in games on social networks, as well as on standalone games. The next frontier is mobile. Over the last three years, Adknowledge has helped thousands of publishers to develop, grow and monetize their F2P games. We are uniquely positioned to do the same with mobile game developers.”

As smart phones become increasingly powerful, the opportunity for them to be used as robust gaming platforms greatly increases. Among smart phones, the Android ecosystem provides mobile game developers the ability to reach a rapidly-growing user base. In 3Q10 for instance, the Android OS represented 26% of new smart phone sales (Gartner November 2010 report “Competitive Landscape: Mobile Devices, Worldwide, 3Q10″).


AppStats Odnoklassniki: Zonke Experiencing Massive Increase

By Sebastian Sujka

There is steady growth in almost all games present this week on the Odnoklassniki network at the moment. The only title decreasing is Redspell’s “The Hospital”, falling by 0.30%. Our top gainer is Playtika’s “Zonke”, increasing by massive 6.28% placing the title on 11th place this week, overtaking “Fishdom”. “League of Speed” is another title doing well this week and increasing its fan-base by 4.77%.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon Territory FarmersSocialQuantum11.242673+1.62%
2.icon MegalopolisSocialQuantum8.207.686+2.17%
3.icon Happy Farmi-Jet7.581.585+1.12%
4.icon FarmandiyaPlarium6.305.882+2.66%
5.icon Fish Placedrimmi5.400.859+2.99%
6.icon Urban Gangsi-Jet4.674.157+0.60%
7.icon Scanwords DayZaluski3.667.283+1.83%
8.icon Flower GardenSunMediaGames3.328.013+1.41%
9.icon The HospitalRedSpell3.152.698-0.30%
10.icon Farm Frenzyi-Jet3.110.416+2.45%
11.icon ZonkePlaytika3.064.570+6.28%
12.icon FishdomPlayrix3.059.256+2.29%
13.icon Supermodeli-Jet2.796.633+0.24%
14.icon Magic BallsIshtwar2.622.521+3.14%
15.icon Street RacingSiliz2.487.015+3.08%
16.icon Kolkhoz CervoneDJ Games2.441.912+3.71%
17.icon CarsSocialQuantum2.409.842+0.88%
18.icon League of SpeedKramBamBoo2.387.348+4.77%
19.icon BallsMesury2.247.868+1.08%
20.icon Club LifeEurotech2.241.441+2.76%

AppStats Grono: No Surprises

By Kris Öst

There is an all gain this week as well on the Grono network. “Super Stacker 2” is once again the title that increases most, this week with 0.46%, making it our top gainer. Second best is “Puzzle Bobble” with an increase of 0.44%. The order in which the games are presented is the same as last week with “Super Mario Flash” as our leader and “Bloons” our second most successful title present.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon Super Mario FlashOopa663.266+0.10%
2.icon BloonsNinja Kiwi334.357+0.22%
3.icon TetrisNeave266.165+0.29%
4.icon Fun Fun Candyfun2fun167.243+0.20%
5.icon BilliardAxifer160.640+0.28%
6.icon CollapseUltimate Arcade, Inc119.830+0.35%
7.icon PapparaziPeerflix87.492+0.13%
8.icon SonicDennis-Gid83.446+0.12%
9.icon SurgeryNeomedia82.673+0.23%
10.icon Flight of the HamstersKids Next Door Games80.573+0.14%
11.icon Globetrotter XLDschini71.724+0.13%
12.icon Bombay TaxiAddicting Games65.758+0.19%
13.icon Puzzle BobbleTaito59.945+0.44%
14.icon HomeDrunkKilltime Games59.636+0.16%
15.icon Pac ManNeave57.060+0.11%
16.icon Super Stacker 2Gaz55.961+0.46%
17.icon Tennis GameGamedesign46.013+0.18%
18.icon City Racers 2Rawcade43.883+0.15%
19.icon BuggyPankaj40.694+0.14%
20.icon Mad MondayMausland Entertainment39.999+0.13%

AppStats MeinVZ & StudiVZ: Meine Siedler Soaring Upwards

By Gary Merrett

“Frohe Ernte” is once again gaining users, this week with 0.80%. The title is of course still in the lead but has been experiencing some problems with user-loss for quite some time now. Other than “Frohe Ernte” gaining we don’t have that much to be happy about when it comes to MeinVZ and StudiVZ at the moment. The list is mostly red, except for “Meine Siedler”, gaining big by 10.81% and climbing a few places. “Dorfleben” is also doing well with a 0.56% increase, and that’s basically it. Our biggest loser is “Happy Tower” with a 2.19% decrease, closely followed by “Traumstadt” on 1.64%.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon Frohe ErnteElex1.737.403+0.80%
2.icon Frohe Ernte 2Elex461.873-0.68%
3.icon Frohe Ernte 3Elex373.859-0.83%
4.icon wobbix QuizQuiz-Fabrik339.952-0.51%
5.icon Mein FischElex333.569-0.95%
6.icon Goodgame FarmerGoodgame Studios272.474-0.79%
7.icon Cute PigElex240.342-1.26%
8.icon Pet PartyPlinga236.109-0.01%
9.icon Dorflebenhalfquest221.759+0.56%
10.icon Turtle SquadPlinga206.855-0.56%
11.icon TraumstadtElex205.753-1.64%
12.icon Cafe TimeElex203.395-1.01%
13.icon Icy TowerPlinga200.326-0.55%
14.icon PiratenschatzHexify, Inc197.801-0.70%
15.icon Happy TowerElex184.022-2.19%
16.icon Das Quiz-RennenQuiz-Fabrik182.503-0.47%
17.icon Meine SiedlerPlinga174.917+10.81%
18.icon Crazy CharlyPlinga169.278-0.69%
19.icon Flughafeni-Jet147.679-0.94%
20.icon Goodgame PokerGoodgame Studios147.210new