The Latest News on the Social Games Market in Europe and Emerging Markets


AppStats Odnoklassniki: SocialQuantum Dominance And Two New Titles Entering

By Sebastian Sujka

Growth in all titles this week on the Odnoklassniki Network and two new titles on the list named: “Lovely Farm” by IT-Territory and”Poker Jet” by SocialQuantum. Top gainer this week is “Zonke”, gaining 9.48% since last week. “Street Racing” is also doing well, gaining 6.21%. “Territory Farmers” is still dominating approaching 10 million installs, followed by i-Jet’s “Happy Farm” also doing well and “Megalopolis” on 3rd place.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon Territory FarmersSocialQuantum9.904.683+1.70%
2.icon Happy Farmi-Jet7.026.056+0.95%
3.icon MegalopolisSocialQuantum6.923.524+1.88%
4.icon FarmandiyaPlarium5.066.647+2.61%
5.icon Urban Gangsi-Jet4.435.410+1.17%
6.icon Fish PlaceDrimmi4.320.668+2.33%
7.icon Scanwords DayZaluski3.107.783+2.20%
8.icon Flower GardenSunmediaGames2.884.309+3.49%
9.icon Supermodeli-Jet2.766.765+0.18%
10.icon FishdomPlayRix2.471.553+4.62%
11.icon CarsSocialQuantum2.304.179+1.37%
12.icon Farm Frenzyi-Jet2.289.791+2.77%
13.icon The HospitalRedSpell2.070.355+3.45%
14.icon BallsMesury2.053.863+1.68%
15.icon Truth SerumArvara2.040.707+1.13%
16.icon Magic BallsIshtwar2.030.483+4.89%
17.icon ZonkePlaytika1.905.202+9.48%
18.icon Street RacingSiliz1.837.923+6.21%
19.icon Lovely FarmIT Territory1.795.111new
20.icon Poker JetSocialQuantum1.032.489new

Bigpoint Opens Office in Brazil

By Sebastian Sujka

Bigpoint continues its international expansion by opening a new office in Sao Paolo, Brazil’s largest city. The new office is Bigpoint’s fifth, after Hamburg, Berlin, Malta, and San Francisco. As of January 2011, the new location is expected to serve as the workplace for approximately ten employees, who will be responsible for Business Development, Marketing, and PR for Latin-American countries. There are currently no plans for in-house game development in Brazil.

“The Latin-American Internet market is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world,” said Heiko Hubertz, CEO and founder of Bigpoint. “This new location will become a new strategic focus point for our international expansion.” Bigpoint is starting out with strong media partners in their new Brazilian location, and has already signed up Orkut, the biggest social network in Brazil who will integrate Bigpoint browser games such as Seafight, DarkOrbit and Farmerama on their website.  More Brazilian partners will be announced shortly.


AppStats Grono: Growth In All Games Present

By Kris Öst

There is stable growth on the Grono Network this week. As seen in the table below every game enjoys a gain in installs, even though it is a pretty modest growth. Same games as last week are present and the order is unchanged as well. “Billard” is the game doing best with a 0.59% increase and “Super Stacker 2” is second with a 0.43% gain.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon Super Mario FlashOopa656.119+0.14%
2.icon BloonsNinja Kiwi327.649+0.31%
3.icon TetrisNeave258.946+0.26%
4.icon Fun Fun Candyfun2fun164.240+0.21%
5.icon BilliardAxifer156.090+0.59%
6.icon CollapseUltimate Arcade, Inc117.012+0.24%
7.icon PapparaziPeerflix86.554+0.11%
8.icon SonicDennis-Gid82.511+0.12%
9. SurgeryNeomedia81.091+0.20%
10.icon Flight of the HamstersKids Next Door Games79.114+0.15%
11.icon Globetrotter XLDschini70.910+0.17%
12.icon Bombay TaxiAddicting Games64.666+0.20%
13.icon HomedrunkKilltime Games58.901+0.13%
14.icon Puzzle BobbleTaito57.940+0.34%
15.icon Pac ManNeave56.495+0.13%
16.icon Super Stacker 2Gaz53.828+0.43%
17.icon Tennis GameGamedesign45.249+0.21%
18.icon City Racers 2Rawcade43.258+0.19%
19.icon BuggyPankaj40.340+0.10%
20.icon Mad MondayMausland Entertainment39.587+0.13%

AppStats SchülerVZ: The First Negative Trend For Elex

By Kris Öst

This week’s SchülerVZ appstats are a mix of both gainers and losers but basically there is a negative trend present this week, mostly visible at the bottom, and especially in the Elex titles present there. No other than 5 Elex titles are losing users this week, the only ones that keeps gaining are their titles “Frohe Ernte” with a 0.28% increase, “Mein Fisch” with a 0.35% increase and “Autochallenge”, gaining 1.41%. “Icy Tower” by Plinga is also doing great this week with a 1.03% increase.
Game and application trends this week:
Different type of city-builders and fashion games are this week’s most popular trends when you browse the game section on the SchülerVZ Network. One game where you are supposed to build your own kingdom is doing especially well, gaining users fast. In the application section there is still a huge interest for different personality quizzes, but also for soccer, where there are applications for supporting your favorite team.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon Frohe ErnteElex1.070.244+0.28%
2.icon Brain Buddieswooga807.040-0.56%
3.icon Icy TowerPlinga485.690+1.03%
4.icon Bubble Islandwooga443.368-0.13%
5.icon Pet PartyPlinga425.249+0.78%
6.icon Monster Worldwooga367.033+0.14%
7.icon Frohe Ernte 2Elex338.033-0.35%
8.icon Mein FischElex328.292+0.35%
9.icon Turtle SquadPlinga327.753-0.18%
10.icon Crazy CharlyPlinga326.325-0.33%
11.icon Goodgame FarmerGoodgame Studios303.605-0.63%
12.icon Goodgame MafiaGoodgame Studios267.308+0.38%
13.icon AutochallengeElex240.479+1.41%
14.icon ModeweltPlinga234.527-0.46%
15.icon TraumstadtElex233.222-0.56%
16.icon Frohe Ernte 3Elex232.737-0.05%
17.icon Cool FishElex212.546-0.59%
18.icon Cute PigElex202.903-0.51%
19.icon Wobbix, das QuizQuiz-Fabrik201.270-0.81%
20.icon Flughafeni-Jet192.548+0.93%

AppStats MeinVZ & StudiVZ: Two New Titles Enter But The Negative Trend Continues

By Sebastian Sujka

Almost every game is losing users this week even though MeinVZ and StudiVZ were merged last week. The games sections on the two networks are not doing great, as you can see from looking at the numbers this week. There are however a few titles doing well this week: Halfquest’s “Dorfleben” is gaining by 5.44%, “Mein Fisch” from Elex by 0.77% and “Frohe Ernte”, from Elex with 0.49%. There are also two new titles on the list, one from Elex called “Happy Tower” and the second one named “Piratenschatz” from Hexify. The biggest loser this week is “Traumstadt” from developer Elex with a 1.80% drop.

Game and application trends on MeinVZ and StudiVZ:
Town-builders are this week’s more popular game categories on the two networks this week. Build your own kingdom, society or puzzle games, are what gamers are most in to right now. The applications are basically the same as last week, with brands dominating, different apps for getting to know new people and simpler game applications on the rise.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon Frohe ErnteElex1.720.855+0.49%
2.icon Brain Buddieswooga1.259.563-0.54%
3.icon Bubble Islandwooga731.051-0.44%
4.icon Monster Worldwooga527.240-0.31%
5.icon Frohe Ernte 2Elex496.065-0.86%
6.icon Frohe Ernte 3Elex406.840-1.02%
7.icon Wobbix QuizQuiz-Fabrik355.648-0.87%
8.icon Mein FischElex321.612+0.77%
9.icon Goodgame FarmerGoodgame Studios292.896-1.30%
10.icon Happy TowerElex250.827new
11.icon Pet PartyPlinga244.114-0.41%
12.icon Cute PigElex227.673-1.18%
13.icon Café TimeElex227.424-0.34%
14.icon Turtle SquadPlinga217.321-0.84%
15.icon Icy TowerPlinga209.685-0.77%
16.icon Dorflebenhalfquest199.203+5.44%
17.icon TraumstadtElex195.353-1.80%
18.icon Goodgame CaféGoodgame Studios189.771-0.39%
19.icon Das Quiz-RennenQuiz-Fabrik189.739-0.80%
20.icon PiratenschatzHexify, Inc175.501new

AppStats Tuenti: Two Camps With Winners And Losers

By Sebastian Sujka

The games section on Tuenti is divided into two camps at the moment; one of those camps is abandoned by the gamers losing users fast, while the other one keeps growing stronger. “My Rainforest” is part of the losing team this week and drops 35.22%. “Towner” is still in the lead but also loses users and so does “Texas lo Grande”. Biggest gainers are Waka Waka” with a 7.03% increase and “Crazy Bottling” with 6.98%.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon TownerMetrogames1.614.424-3.93%
2.icon My RainforestMetrogames944.016-32.22%
3.icon Texas a lo GrandeMetrogames748.408-7.89%
4.icon PooltasticMetrogames537.293-1.37%
5.icon Frog StreetMetrogames336.583+1.38%
6.icon Aqua BallMetrogames221.276+1.23%
7.icon Jai LaiMetrogames218.122-5.10%
8.icon CatapultMetrogames217.627+1.49%
9. Fishing WarsMetrogames214.710-5.10%
10. Magic SpidersMetrogames168.793-1.16%
11.icon BiotronicMetrogames165.025+1.33%
12.icon Gold SweeperMetrogames152.193+0.35%
13.icon Chess KnightMetrogames140.561+4.20%
14.icon Pro BoxingMetrogames122.199+5.62%
15.icon SlideMetrogames111.761+6.86%
16.icon Crazy BottlingMetrogames110.064+6.98%
17.icon Archer PigletsMetrogames99.342+0.81%
18.icon Pirates & CannonsMetrogames96.391+2.39%
19.icon AntivirusMetrogames94.216+5.48%
20.icon Waka WakaMetrogames90.572+7.03%

AppStats MySpace: Stable Growth And New Entry By Zynga

By Thorsten Bleich

The MySpace games section keeps growing this week with stable growth in almost every game. “Mobsters” is still the most played game on the list with “Mafia Wars” following closely. We have a new entry in Zynga’s “Friend Factory” but apart from that, the list looks basically the same as last week. Top gainer this week is “YoVille” by Zynga.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon MobstersPlaydom14.970.818+0.05%
2.icon Mafia WarsZynga13.423.025+0.02%
3.icon YoVilleZynga7.835.767+0.31%
4.icon Zynga PokerZynga7.235.315+0.07%
6.icon MoviesFlixter5.871.464+0.01%
7.icon Cheers!!BitRhymes5.624.807+0.03%
8.icon VampiresZynga5.287.394+0.09%
9.icon Street RacingZynga4.632.610+0.02%
10.icon Sorority LifePlaydom3.697.843+0.11%
11.icon WSOP PokerPlaydom3.454.483+0.06%
12.icon Let’s Get MarriedLudicBits3.263.697-5.78%
13.icon OverdrivePlaydom2.703.014+0.05%
14.icon Speed RacingMekatek2.592.556+0.04%
15.icon BloodlinesPlaydom1.989.686+0.08%
16.icon Fashion WarsZynga1.922.075+0.05%
17.icon Green SpotWonderHill1.772.884+0.03%
18.icon Special ForcesZynga1.478.543+0.03%
19.icon Pet SocietyPlayfish1.473.755+0.20%
20.icon Friend FactoryZynga1.457.934new

NEW AppStats: Odnoklassniki

By Sebastian Sujka

Odnoklassniki, or ”Classmates” as it translates in English, is a Russian social network service for classmates and old friends looking to reunite. It was created in 2006 by Albert Popkov and currently claims that it has more than 45 million registered users and 10 million unique daily visitors.  The games section on Odnoklassniki consists of 170 games, the most popular being “Territorial Farmers” from SocialQuantum, a well represented developer on the list.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon Territory FarmersSocialQuantum9.738.746new
2.icon Happy Farmi-Jet6.959.992new
3.icon MegalopolisSocialQuantum6.795.893new
4.icon FarmandiyaPlarium4.938.001new
5.icon Urban Gangsi-Jet4.384.179new
6.icon Fish PlaceDrimmi4.222.108new
7.icon Scanwords DayZaluski3.040.935new
8.icon Flower GardenSunmediaGames2.787.022new
9.icon Supermodeli-Jet2.761.755new
10.icon FishdomPlayRix2.362.493new
11.icon CarsSocialQuantum2.272.978new
12.icon Farm Frenzyi-Jet2.228.175new
13.icon BallsMesury2.019.896new
14.icon Truth SerumArvara2.017.926new
15.icon The HospitalRedSpell2.001.376new
16.icon Magic BallsIshtwar1.935.740new
17.icon My Schooli-Jet1.757.099new
18.icon ZonkePlaytika1.740.184new
19.icon Street RacingSiliz1.730.528new
20.icon Secrets of the Oceani-Jet1.692.898new

ATLAS Interactive Closing Deal with Gate2Shop

By Sebastian Sujka

ATLAS Interactive Germany and Gate2Shop, premium e-commerce provider for software,games and digital services are now working together. The Hamburg based specialist for content billing supports the British company Gate2Shop in the area of mobile payment services for the gaming industry.

Both companies have extensive experience in their market areas. ATLAS Interactive offers individual mobile payment solutions in over 84 countries for 15 years and includes several well-known gaming companies to its regular client base. Gate2Shop provides over 80 payment options in over 160 countries for e-commerce transactions. With the cooperation the company wants to expand the service particularly in the gaming sector.

“We have investigated the market for mobile and SMS-payment thoroughly”, commented Yuval Ziv, COO of Gate2Shop, the cooperation. “After a careful consideration of our requirements for country coverage, the cost factor, and easy integration options and flexibility, we found that ATLAS Interactive offers the right solution. I am convinced that Gate2Shop can work with the partner even more closely on the needs of game publishers.” Marco Priewe, Managing Director of ATLAS Interactive, added: “ATLAS Interactive is excited to add Gate2Shop to our ever growing client portfolio and we look forward to a successful partnership.”


AppStats Lokalisten: Stable Growth and Elex Dominance

By Kris Öst

There is stable growth on the Lokalisten Network this week with several changes in order on the list. Farming games are clearly popular with “Frohe Ernte” on 1st place with 92.211 installs so far. Developer Elex is currently doing very well, occupying almost every top placement with the sequels to “Frohe Ernte” and a new entry in “Café Time”. Goodgame Studios is also doing well, with a massive 14.64% increase in the title “Goodgame Heroes”.

App Name Developer Installs Gain in %
1.icon Frohe ErnteElex92.211+0.78%
2.icon gimigames Live Spielegimigames48.402-0.25%
3.icon TraumstadtElex19.173+0.15%
4.icon Goodgame CaféGoodgame Studios18.587+16.72%
5.icon Frohe Ernte 2Elex17.667+0.48%
6.icon Frohe Ernte 3Elex17.030+2.26%
7.icon Crazy HospitalElex13.883+0.17%
8.icon Cute PigElex9.815+1.87%
9.icon Quiz-FightQuiz-Fabrik8.146+0.87%
10.icon Das Quiz-RennenQuiz-Fabrik4.549+10.95%
11.icon Goodgame FarmerGoodgame Studios4.332+5.32%
12.icon Goodgame MafiaGoodgame Studios4.238+9.79%
13.icon Winning GoalElex3.968+2.53%
14.icon Café TimeElex3.849new
15.icon POPMOGGameGenetics3.623+0%
16.icon Goodgame PokerGoodgame Studios3.387+7.52%
17.icon Super Texas HoldemElex2.331+31.47%
18.icon Goodgame HeroesGoodgame Studios2.295+14.64%
19.icon AtlantisPlazz Entertainment2.098+23.27%
20.icon Devilfight 2Crafty Studios1.925+3.22%