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Badoo Releases Its Own “Chatroulette”

By Thorsten Bleich

Have you ever wondered why before Chatroulette nobody had thought of the simple yet intriguing concept of connecting random surfers via webcam?
Just weeks after Chatroulette appeared on the web, Chatroulette copycats emerged to fill this gap. Among the most well-known are Tinychat Next, RandomDorm, Omegle and Shufflepeople.

Badoo LogoSocial networking platform Badoo has now come up with its own version of Chatroulette. It is called Twister and what it makes it especially interesting is the way in which it could be integrated with the rest of Badoo´s social networking platform. To access all features of this free service you need to have an account in, which most people will want to do as it allows you to determine whether you would like to meet a male or a female.

Like most other Chatroulette-like websites,  the Twister application shows you two boxes,  in which the users´webcam images appear, and a chat field next to them. Unlike its competitors, however, Badoo considers Twister to be a social game, which is why you can “start playing” by pressing the button “Play now!” rather than just “finding” or “connecting” with a stranger.

Besides allowing users to filter strangers by country, it also gives users the option to “avoid risqué playmates.” will be keeping an eye on the platform´s further development as we feel that, given its professional look and the possibilities that it offers in conjuction with a social networking platform, it may well become serious competition for Chatroulette.

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  1. anissa

    hi i want to be on badoo twister

  2. Dwayne

    Is twister still available?

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